The Bird That Drinks Tears is being developed by a PUBG developer

The Bird That Drinks Tears is being developed by a PUBG developer ...

Krafton has unveiled its next project, which is inspired by a classic fantasy novel series. PUBG Battlegrounds is the first battle royale blockbuster game.

Krafton's new game isn't officially released yet, but we know that it's based on the well-known Korean fantasy novel series The Bird That Drinks Tears, which was written by Lee Yeongdo. While the genre of the game hasn't been announced either, it's likely to be an RPG, since that's the usual approach for this genre of fiction.

The unnamed project's official website includes a human, a Tokebi, a Rekkon, and a Nhaga. They are all characters that should be familiar to those who read the novels. Their names should also be familiar: Kagan Draca is a human ranger, Henby the goblinoid Tokebi is the comic relief, Tynahan the chicken-like Rekkon is a chess player, and Ryn Paye the pale Nhaga

The Bird that Drinks Tears is a fresh and haunting fantasy tale, mingling traditional archetypes with dream and nightmare scenes that are entirely original.

Although we have only seen concept art so far, there is still reason to be excited about this future project. What we do know so far about the game might be enough to fill a book at this point. Genre, release date, platforms, and even the game's name are all in the works right now.