Wilmer Valderrama hypes NCIS season 20 premiere and crossover

Wilmer Valderrama hypes NCIS season 20 premiere and crossover ...

Do you want to get a little more information on the upcomingNCISseason 20 premiere? Several individuals are letting us know quite a bit about it.

Let's focus on Wilmer Valderrama (pictured above with Katrina Law) and Vanessa Lachey, who are already promoting the season in whatever way they can. Both actors are already promoting the season in particular, and the epic two-part crossover event, in whatever way they can. If you look at the bottom of this article, you will see several different behind-the-scenes photographs from both of them as they worked on these episodes.

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For a number of reasons, we tend to think that the production on the Hawaii portion had to be different. For one, the fact that the main show had been completed weeks before the premiere might have allowed someNCIScast members to leave without missing any of their work on the season 20 premiere. It's always going to be different working on a different set with a lot of crew members you're not familiar with but in the end, we think we'll be getting a pretty incredible story.

What is the purpose of the first public event? It appears to be two-fold. One component will be attempting to clear Alden Parker's name and make sure that he is okay following what happened at the end of last season. Another part could be tied to stopping the Raven, the Big Bad, who was first established midway throughNCISseason 19. Their story will eventually lead to Hawaii, and that team might be partly responsible for stopping them.

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