HBO's Role in Game of Thrones: Jon Snow's Role in the HBO's Role in the Snowmaking

HBO's Role in Game of Thrones: Jon Snow's Role in the HBO's Role in the Snowmaking ...

Has the Jon Snow spin-off for Game of Thrones become more interesting than ever before? We are starting to think so, but there are also other reasons.

For those who haven't heard much about this topic until now, there are reports out there that HBO is working on a sequel series to their wonderful epic, based in part on an idea from Kit Harington himself. Weve heard Emilia Clarke and George R.R. Martin each talk about the possibilities in various forms, but the network has yet to confirm its existence.

Yet, we are beginning to suspect that there will be a greater effort than ever to get this program on the air or, more specifically, on the forthcoming HBO Max Discovery+ hybrid streaming service.

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If you missed the news yesterday, the two services will merge into something completely different and something currently unnamed. This is a really ambitious undertaking, and one of the things that we know is that executives want big-ticket properties. Whats bigger thanGame of Thrones?We know that theyve gotHouse of the Dragon already, but the Jon Snow spin-off would likely attract more interest than anything they would like to bring to the table.

Don't be surprised if HBO decides to grant or fast-track this endeavor at some point in the near future. It may not be ready in time for this new streaming services launch, but we think that Warner Bros. Discovery will want it on their calendar.