Season 3 of Ted Lasso: Will we know by the Emmys?

Season 3 of Ted Lasso: Will we know by the Emmys? ...

For the better part of months, weve been anticipating the premiere of aTed Lassoseason 3 off and on. After all, there are so many reasons to believe it will be released soon! Remember that Apple TV+ provided people with months of lead-up ahead of season 2, and weve kept hearing that the show will return this fall. Plans can always change, but that's the hope that we've been clinging to.

We know that one of the next major opportunities that would be needed to see the cast and crew together is on Monday, September 12, which is when the Primetime Emmy Awards air on NBC. We were just left to sit around and contemplate 1) what they are working on and 2) if we would see the end of the road after season 3.

If there is one issue that should be addressed right now, it is this: Will the Emmys give us a premiere date? Given that we expect it at almost any moment, would it be better if Apple would just make an announcement official at this point?

What might be standing in the way of that? Its all about timing. If the program isnt released until November or pushed back until 2023, we can imagine a scenario where a date would not be released in the immediate future. Otherwise, we are fairly confident that we will be getting some information about it before the Emmys red carpet. We dont believe the cast and crew would want to be asked the same question over and over.

If this is not confirmed, we will probably be asked about the final season on occasion. This is always strange to us. However, do you really believe that an actor will do so randomly at an awards show red-carpet event?