Jenny's mother is the spoiler for Season 3 of Big Sky!

Jenny's mother is the spoiler for Season 3 of Big Sky! ...

Big Skyseason 3 will premiere on ABC this fall, and we now know that Jenny will face a significant blow from the past!

Rosanna Arquette is expected to play Katheryn Winnicks' mother during the next episodes, according to a Deadline report. Her surname is Virginia Gigi Cessna, and here's a little bit more about her in the character description:

She is a world-class scam artist who used childhood Jenny to her displeasure, much to today-day Jenny's displeasure. Gigi has an uncanny ability to charm her way into peoples lives and then disappear without a trace when she returns to Helena to pull her latest con. Jenny and her mother-daughter must work through their difficult relationship.

Although there may be a lot of fictional TV characters who have scam artists for parents, it is important to remember that someone like Jenny would do anything to help others, mostly due to a lot of what she has done in the past. Jensen Ackles could also play Beau Arlen, who first appeared in season 2.

Given how a lot of season 3 so far feels like a Big Sky reboot and we were at least excited to get a casting like this it will help to explain more why Jenny was the way that she was throughout her first two seasons.