The 17 Most Spooky Pokemon Ever (That Are More Intense Than You Remember)

The 17 Most Spooky Pokemon Ever (That Are More Intense Than You Remember) ...

The Pokemon games are generally designed to be family-friendly and aimed mostly at children. However, there are some truly terrifying things that have been revealed in every generation since the very very first games. In a world where Ghost-Type Pokemon run amok and human ghosts haunt mansions and abandoned office buildings, one would need a Silph Scope to see how terrifying the Pokemon games can be at times.

Pokedex entries are the only way players get to know their favorite pocket monsters in the real world. Here are some of the creepiest Pokemon inspired by their Pokedex entries.

Stephen LaGioia's Updated August 5, 2022: More are noticing just how terrifying some of the creatures can be. Particularly when looking into some of their Dex entries, such creatures may be disturbingly strange.

For a recent example, look at the crude Ghost-fish Basculegion from Pokemon Legends in 2022; a ferocious salmon that's a conglomerate of several restless spirits. And with so many Pokemon that come with some unpleasant traits, it seemed time to revisit this list of some of the worst Pokemon fans may have neglected.

17 Chandelure

A Ghost/Fire-Type Pokemon would make for a terrifying encounter. Chandelure is particularly haunting and frightening. This flailing monster is capable of sucking the life force out of its victims, much like a soul-sucking demon. It's been described as "burning opponents' spirits rather than bodies"; a fairly complex concept to think about.

The strange anthropomorphic chandelier's purple flames and haunting, lifeless eyes only add to its terrifying charm.

16 Dragapult

This spooky reptilian Pokemon from Gen 8 is quite powerful, yet also frighteningly fast. These qualities and its intimidating Dragon-Ghost combo only add to its creepy appearance, with its intense yellow eyes, protruding head spikes, and whipping ghost tail.

The swift beast may also wield its undeveloped kin Dreepy as missiles from its triangular head, which he does with astonishing awe.

15 Gourgeist

This plant-based Ghost from Gen 6 is unusual in its ominous aura and ghostly lower end, which gives way to a haunting top half. These spooky creatures wander about the streets when it's particularly dark and moonless, singing haunting songs that will enthuse listeners. They wrap up their helpless prey in their vine-like arms, savoring the process of long-term strangling.

The ghastly sounds from Gourgeist are not all legend, they're all the cries and howls of suffering souls in the afterlife. When it comes to grim, intense Poke-lore, it's difficult to beat Gourgeist.

14 Guzzlord

This Dark/Dragon-Type creature has an intimidating appearance to say the least. It can utterly deceive and terrorize opponents with its massive presence, sharp teeth, and ruthless ways. The Pokemon is a shark-like monster encased in a black hole, devouring all that it encounters.

Fans of the psychological horror film Eternal Darkness suspect that this beast is inspired by the ancient Darkness character in the game, Chattur'gha, which is somewhat similar in appearance.

13 Gengar

Gengar is one of the most dangerous pocket monsters for battle and legend reasons, as the first fully evolved Ghost-Type Pokemon in the franchise.

Gengars are said to enjoy stalking people while disguised as their shadow, as well as putting a curse upon innocent victims, according to several Pokedex entries.

12 Drowzee

Drowzee is a popular Pokemon associated with a Japanese myth about a supernatural creature called a Baku who consumes sleepy individuals and performs similar feats. In many Pokedex entries, this Psychic-Type Pokemon is not too picky about whether or not it consumes good dreams or nightmares.

This yellow tapir-like creature also devours dreams in a terrifying and bizarre way; it stands above a sleeping victim and will sucking the dreams out of a person's nostrils.

11 Mawile

Mawile, an anime adaptation that is also based on creepy Japanese folklore, is based on a mythical creature named a futakuchi-onna, a woman with a hungry mouth on the back of their neck.

This Pokemon appears to be quite nice from the front, although don't get too close as it's rear maw bursting with massive teeth can chomp down on foes to cause severe damage. Even more terrifying, when Mawile mega-evolves, it gets another terrifying mouth to ravage victims with.

10 Drifloon

Imagine being a simple-minded kid, embarking on an adventure to be the very best (like no one ever was), and neglectfully grab a balloon thats just floundering in the air. It abruptly lifts that person, and they disappear forever, never to be seen again.

But thats not all. Drifloon's Pokedex entry for Pokemon Ultra Sun makes it worse. Its round body is stuffed with souls and expands every time it leads someone away. Indeed, those who have seen this massive, unusual Pokemon know that it has carried many lives away.

9 Yamask

Yamask may very well be a real ghost. The mask it wears is said to be the face it wore when it was both alive and human. If they see the mask, they begin to cry. According to the Pokemon Omega Ruby entry of the Pokedex, each retains memories of its previous existence.

Nothing is stopping them from being vengeful or releasing a Grudge (which it learns). In the Pokemon world, one would prefer not to make enemies, because they may become a Yamask and Curse or Hex again (both of which are also learnable moves).

8 Sandygast And Palossand

Sandygast's Pokemon Sun Dex entry states that they were born from a playfully constructed sand mound, and that this Pokemon represents the departed. Likewise, the Pokemon Moon entry states that it takes charge of anyone who puts a hand in its mouth. And so it adds to the sand-mound body's accumulation.

Sandygasts may be born from any sandcastle, and those who get bit become absorbed into it, making beach trips even more dangerous in Pokemon's world. Palossand, which is the evolution of Sandygast, drags Pokemon to their deaths and devours their targets even more brutally.

7 Cubone

No collection of creepy Pokemon is complete without mentioning one that wears the skull of their dead mothers. So, it's probably best to get Cubone out of the way here because they have a tense connection with fans.

On the one hand, it's adorable and evolves into the powerful Marowak (or the even more powerful Alolan Marowak). On the other hand, one must wonder if it actually pried the skull off of its mother's corpse or waited for the local Mandibuzz population to feed off it first? Is it unusual to be born with a bone in its hand or does it take it as a present from its mother?

6 Spoink

The old Keanu Reeves film Speed is a living incarnation. Stop moving and see one's life come to a halt. The most thorough Pokedex entry about this comes from Pokemon Omega Ruby. "This Pokemon cannot afford to stop bouncing, its heart will stop."

Spoink is constantly on the move from birth. Imagine a world where an animal comes directly out of the egg and has to start bouncing on its tail or it will die. It's a rather tragic and terrifying fate, to say the least.

5 Mimikyu

In horror films, there is a recurring notion that not seeing the monster makes it more terrifying. No one knows what Mimikyu actually looks like under its handmade costume, but it's supposedly terrifying. The appearance is left to one's imagination, which may be scarier than any prefabricated image.

What's sweeter, those who look upon it will die. According to the Pokemon Ultra Moon Pokedex entry, "a gust of wind revealed what hides under this Pokemon's rag to a passing Trainer, who went home and died painfully that very night." The Pokemon Sun entry confirms a second kill to this cute, but deadly Pokemon: "A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock."

4 Banette

Banette might be the plot of Toy Story 2 in Pokemon form. According to Pokemon Black, it's a "doll that became a Pokemon because of its hatred of being rejected." Banette is outright seeking revenge.

According to Pokemon Omega Ruby, this discarded plush doll has developed itself into a voodoo doll by pushed pins into it. This allows this doll of hatred to enact curses even better on the child that discarded it.

3 Shedinja

When real-life insects remove their exoskeletons, they leave a haunting impression of what once existed, frozen in time. When a Nincada evolves and sheds its skin, it (similarly) leaves a Shedinja. In a world where plush dolls and sandcastles sometimes come to life, it's no wonder that a bug's discarded shell might do the same thing.

It does not move or breathe, nor does it fly with its completely still wings. But, it does float in the air, unprompted. This entirely empty shell has no science behind what makes it tick. In fact, trying to peek inside to see the hollowness will allow Shedinja to steal one's soul!

2 Parasect

Because it's based on a creepy scenario that happens in real life, Parasect can be considered creepy in its own unique way. Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is also known as the zombie-ant fungus, taking over the host animal's mind and instructing it to choose an optimal location for it to grow.

The ant's head is eventually removed by a fungus that allows it to release spores to keep the cycle going. That's about it; a fungus zombie that wants to spawn other fungus zombies. Look into its dead, soulless white eyes and realize that Nintendo is likely to forget how terrifying it is.

1 Froslass

Froslass may not seem too creepy at first glance. She's classy, and elegant. Don't accept her as a Dawn Stone killerpun intended. According to several Pokedex entries, whatever body Frosslass has might just be hollow.

She stabs her victims in ice, only to keep them as decorations in her house. In the Pokemon Moon and Ultra Sun entries, players learn that its favorite food is the "souls of men," but only if they're handsome. Ultra Sun concludes with a warning: "If you hear it knocking at your door, do not open it!"