Dr Disrespect Discusses What a Ranked Mode Could Look Like in Midnight Societys Deadrop Could Be

Dr Disrespect Discusses What a Ranked Mode Could Look Like in Midnight Societys Deadrop Could Be ...

Midnight Society, a game development studio headed by YouTuber Dr Disrespect, announced that Deadrop will be the title of its first game. Squads will explore a futuristic skyscraper, loot, battle opposing squads, and extract, with loot dropping upon death or carried over to the next round. Dr Disrespect's latest revelation is a sense of ranked play.

Dr Disrespect discussed the possibility of a ranked mode in Deadrop during a recent YouTube interview. The game is just months into development, but Dr Disrespect is already thinking about how a ranked mode might operate.

The objective that Dr Disrespect is promoting isn't to necessarily segregate lower-level players from higher-level players, or even to deny access to a different section of the game to those who aren't well-ranked. It's the opposite, in fact, as Dr Disrespect proposes a game that is open to all players, but with more stakes that more experienced players would be drawn to.

On the one hand, Dr Disrespect's idea is certainly interesting. High-level players would feel more confident entering this more difficult structure, while less-skilled players would stick to the original area where they could gain experience and earn less powerful loot.

Deadrop intends to integrate NFTs and the blockchain even six months into the project. In this light, a "high-level" area similar to a ranked mode may benefit more experienced players.

There is still a lot to be said about Midnight Society's plans for Deadrop, both in terms of game design and its NFT monetization. The project and Dr Disrespect's involvement remain a bit controversial, but few would disagree that more competitive online multiplayer games are beneficial to the industry in general.

Deadrop is currently in the works.