The Most Important Life Decisions Are Strange: True Colors

The Most Important Life Decisions Are Strange: True Colors ...

Life Is Strange: True Colors introduces fans to new characters, a new setting, and a new supernatural ability. However, the latest installment does not change a lot about the gameplay. For instance, Life Is Strange: True Colors follows the series tradition of allowing players to make several choices during the game.

Certain choices have little impact on the whole experience, such as deciding what the protagonist should wear for the chapter. However, others can alter how the main narrative plays out and the fates of certain characters. Here are some of them.

Jerrad Wyche's Life Is Strange series will be updated on August 5, 2022. There are plenty of reasons to either continue playing the series or revisit the newest game, Life Is Strange: True Colors. Like the other stories in the series, the choices made by the player can affect the outcome.

Telling Your Brother The Truth (Chapter 1)

Alex will be given the option to reveal the truth about her powers to her brother Gabe at the end of the first chapter of the game, and Gabe accepts what Alex is willing to disclose or not disclose.

The issue of the moment-to-moment sentiment remains: if players desire Alex to reconnect with her long-lost brother, she must do so. With that in mind, sharing this intimate knowledge with him might only strengthen their new bond.

During Mac & Riley's Argument, 10 Intervene (Chapter 1)

Mac is involved in some of the more challenging decisions in Life Is Strange: True Colors, and that's mostly due to him being a hard-headed and stubborn individual. At the beginning of the first chapter, Alex will walk into a local pub, and inside she'll have the chance to engage in a conflict.

As they argue in front of everyone, Mac and Riley will be loudly noticeable. Players who choose to keep them will witness the couple struggle through it, while those who butt in can bear witness to Mac and Riley's separation. Both of them will suffer emotional consequences.

Charlotte On Typhon's Affidavit (Chapter 2), Consider 9 Advise

During chapter two, Charlotte visits Charlotte in her dispensary and declares that she has been given an affidavit by the Typhon corporation. She would sign it, agreeing not to bring charges against the company for Gabe's death, and she'd earn a lot of money in the process.

Charlotte is hesitant to sign the morally questionable document because she believes she would betraying Gabe. On the other hand, the gift they're offering her would be enough to send Ethan to college. So, she asks Alex to make the decision for her. The main consequence of this choice comes in the last chapter of the council meeting. Alex will not be able to support Charlotte if players convince Charlotte to sign the affidavit.

8 Whether To Inform Eleanor Of Gabe's Death (Chapter 2)

In chapter two, Alex goes to the flower shop to find Mac and discovers that Eleanor has memory loss. After players assist the poor woman in figuring out what she was doing, Alex realizes that Eleanor does not remember that Gabe died. It's up to the player whether to give her the bad news or not.

Eleanor is shocked when Alex discloses Gabe's fate, particularly because she missed the wake. However, it does allow her to participate in the memorial on the bridge. Riley also discovers Eleanor's illness, which means she doesn't go away to college.

7 Call Mac Down Or Walk Away (Chapter 2)

Alex uses her power to extract information from Mac about Gabe's death. Players learn that he wasn't really at fault, and he attempted to stop the explosion in the mine. However, the man covers his employers for fear that they will take him out.

Mac begins to panic when Alex is the only one around to assist. If players choose to calm him down, he stays at Haven and seems to improve as a person. Alternately, Mac leaves the town forever.

6 Who Flirts With Diane?(Chapter 3)

Life Is Strange: True Colors involves figuring out if Steph or Ryan is the player's desire for Alex to be released at the end of the credits, but what's the fun in that? In the bar during Chapter 3, Alex will need to decide if Steph or Ryan should flirt with Diane, the bar-goer.

The person who is chosen will have their interest in Alex continue to grow and draw them closer emotionally. So, in a way, choosing who is in charge of flirting is one of the most significant choices in Life Is Strange: True Colors.

5 Whether or Not to Take Charlotte's Anger Away (Chapter 3)

Alex's supernatural ability is fascinating and one of the reasons why True Colors stands out among the series' games. During chapter 3, Alex discovers that Charlotte is raged against several individuals, including her own son. This anger seems to be causing her to harm, thus players have the opportunity to subvert the protagonist's abilities.

Charlotte becomes almost withdrawn throughout the game when she does not show up for Alex's council meeting. Steph and Ryan get a heckle before they discuss Typhon's evidence. Ryan is less likely to believe the protagonist later in the game.

Riley Can Or Don't Tell Eleanor's Truth (Chapter 4)

In chapter 4, Riley discovers Eleanor at the bus stop ready to leave, one of the game's best-hidden major choices.

Spilling the secret to Riley persuades the young lady to give up on her dream and stay in Haven to care for her nana. Eleanor will not believe Alex's accusations against Jed and Typhon later on.

3 Choose Who to Give Alex's Rose to (Chapter 4)

Alex has joined Life Is Strange's long line of LGBTQ+ characters, as she's willing to partner either Steph or Ryan. During chapter four's Spring Festival, players may pick up a rose and give it to either of the two characters.

If players accept the offer, Alex will invite them up to the roof later, which will allow them to lock in to that romantic connection. Alternately, players may choose to leave the roses alone and finish the game single.

2 Sign Affidavit or Pike's Fear (Chapter 4)

Alex is taken to the police station in chapter four, where Officer Pike will inform the protagonist that Diane has filed charges for her stolen USB. However, Alex gets the chance to avoid prison time by signing an affidavit, meaning she can't investigate Typhon anymore.

Pike wants her to sign and refuses to look at the evidence on the USB because he's afraid of the mining company. Players may choose to sign the document or use Alex's power to remove Pike's fear. In the last chapter, the Officer isn't afraid to stand up against Typhon.

1 Stay In Haven Or Leave To Seek Adventure (Chapter 5)

The final decision in the game has an impact on Alex's future. During a virtual conversation with Gabe, the protagonist considers the next step of her life. Her first choice is to stay in Haven and build a stable existence in the small town.

On the other hand, she may leave to seek adventure or perhaps get her music career off the ground. Players don't get to see how everything exactly plays out after making this choice; it's left open-ended for the player.

True Colors is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, and will be released later on Switch.