Ten Things We Learned From The Third Trailer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ten Things We Learned From The Third Trailer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet ...

The Pokemon Company released a new Pokemon Presents, which includes information on the Pokemon World Championships, Pokemon GO, and other spin-off titles. Most enthusiasts are anticipating the first entry in the Pokemon series' ninth generation.

After several weeks of leaked information about the game, some fans were worried that there would be little to reveal. However, there were plenty of surprises to keep fans interested in the next iteration of the Pokemon franchise. These ten new information were enough to build anticipation for Scarlet & Violet's release.

10 Welcome To The Paldea Region

Fans were given a better understanding of what the new region, called Paldea, would be able to explore. It was previously stated that the Spain-inspired locale would be the series' first fully seamless, open-world region in the franchise.

From sandstorm-covered deserts to snowy tundras, the trailer shows off several new Pokemon, including Sawsbuck, Gogoat, and Drednaw.

9 A Legendary Way To Travel

The trailer demonstrated the brand-new way trainers will navigate these vast, expansive areas, although it may not be using ordinary means. Early in players' journeys, they will encounter each game's mascot Legendary Pokemon.

Players will be able to fly quickly across terrain, swim across water, and climb mountains as well as Koraidon and Miraidon in Pokemon Legends. This will completely alter how players interact with the world around them in a more expansive way than the Ride Pokemon in Arceus.

8 The Story Moves At Your Own Pace

The Paldea region had previously been revealed that exploration would not be limited to the linear movements of Scarlet and Violet's story. However, this trailer demonstrates that there's more to this concept than meets the eye. Players learn three completely different stories throughout the game that they can complete at their own pace.

One of these stories, for instance, will feature the classic Pokemon strategy of challenging eight different Gym Leaders and becoming the Paldea region Champion. The other two's details, however, have yet to be revealed. What we do know is that you will not be restricted to either of these stories.

7 The Pokemon Academy's Treasure Hunt

Players will enroll in a Pokemon trainers academy: Naranja Academy in Scarlet and Uva Academy in Violet. During their journey, players will encounter a few of the characters they'll get to know, as well as a special assignment: the Treasure Hunt.

The Treasure Hunt isn't clear what it's all about, although the trailer appears to suggest that it'll be a self-study project that encourages players to explore the Paldea area, as previously stated. This means that the Treasure Hunt will likely encourage co-op playing with up to three other players, as previously demonstrated.

6 Character Customization Returns

Character customization is quite an expected return from previous games. The feature was introduced in Pokemon X & Y, allowing players to modify their outfits to distinguish themselves from others. With co-op becoming a new feature of Scarlet & Violet, character customization is now a significant method to make your player unique.

According to an official press release, players will be able to customize their characters with even more specific details than previously. Players may alter their eyeshape, hairstyle, and select from a variety of different outfits and Academy uniforms.

5 Terastallized Pokemon

A new gameplay mechanic has been introduced that will greatly upend battles. It's called the Terastal phenomenon. Terastallizing Pokemon mid-battle will give Pokemon a crystallized appearance, but it does much more.

When activated, a Pokemon's Tera Type will become the Pokemon's primary type in battle. This can enhance a Pokemon's existing type (for example, a Quaxly with a Water Tera Type), or vary up a Pokemon's typing (like an Eevee with a Flying Tera Type).

4 A Unique Tera Type For Early Buyers

If players purchase Pokemon Scarlet and Violet early, they'll be eligible for a very special bonus. Up until February 28, 2023, players can access a Mystery Gift Pikachu with some special characteristics. This special Pikachu will not only have access to the move Fly, but it will also have a Flying Tera Type.

This Mystery Gift Pikachu provides a brief overview of how powerful the Terastal phenomenon can be. Normally, the Electric-type Pikachu is susceptible to Ground-type attacks, but through the use of its Tera Type, Pikachu will become immune to these attacks.

3 Wooper Looks A Little Different...

The latest teaser gave fans a peek at the first officially-released regional variation of the Paldea region. With brown and purple coloring, this Wooper is more commonly found in muddy areas, and its unique Poison/Ground typing is only shared by Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

Paldean Wooper preserves one of the original Wooper's best abilities, Water Absorb, which transforms Water attacks into HP recovery. This is particularly useful for a Ground-type like Wooper, who can now benefit from attacks that would otherwise harm the creature.

2 New Pokemon To Catch

The first trailer for the Pokemon game would be to introduce players to two new species of Pokemon. One of them is the adorable Fairy-type Fidough, a bread-like dog who helps with cooking.

Cetitan, an Ice-type Terra Whale, is covered with several horns around its body. While in a hailstorm, its Ability, Slush Rush, increases its Speed, which suggests that Cetitan may be a viable opponent against other Pokemon.

1 Characters To Meet Along The Way

Previously, teases revealed Professors Sada and Turo, who are exclusive to Scarlet and Violet, as well as traveling companion Nemona. There are plenty of new characters for fans to meet throughout their journeys.

Players will see Academy Director Clavell, as well as their homeroom teacher Jacq, who specializes in Pokemon biology. There's Arven, an upperclassmen whose expertise lies more in Pokemon battles, and Penny, a shy girl in your class.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.