The Leaks from Resident Evil 9 Teach Us About Terrifying New Monsters

The Leaks from Resident Evil 9 Teach Us About Terrifying New Monsters ...

The Resident Evil franchise is on a hot streak right now. Though it had a few off years at the end of the 2010s, with Resident Evil 6 falling too far into shady B-movie action territory, Capcom has really picked up the slack in recent years. Starting with Resident Evil 7 in 2017, continuing to deliver with the recent Resident Evil 8, it seems like the franchise is finally returning to the top of the survival horror genre.

Resident Evil 9 hasn't been confirmed in any official capacity right now, but a few days ago, one anonymous source shared a slew of 4chan leaks. While the information within may be problematic, it could also be that Resident Evil 9 is the most frightening game in the franchise.

Resident Evil 9's Leaked Monsters

According to the leak, the ninth installment in the horror franchise will include a brand-new setting and some terrifying new monsters. Resident Evil 9 will apparently focus on a mysterious "9th Moon Phase," where the player will encounter foes in a slew of claustrophobic caves, shacks, and streams.

According to this leak, Resident Evil 9 is heavily influenced by folk legends and mythology, which extends to the game's narrative, setting, and monsters. The game will focus on body horror more than the series has ever done before, and will include a host of new monsters, including two named "Wendigo" and "Goatman."

Wendigo is a savage monster that originated in Native American mythology, and it is also believed to wield an axe in its pursuit to protect its forest home. Both of these monsters fit nicely into the current Resident Evil franchise's lycan roots.

According to this leak, these new monsters are much more powerful than they appear on the surface. Apparently, these new monsters will be able to shapeshift and will often disguise themselves as friendly human NPCs that the player has encountered previously, and that they have since been killed off-screen. This could, obviously, be used to deceive the player multiple times, and could potentially last the entire game's length.

Resident Evil 9 is said to be in the works.