The Mortuary Assistant: Endings Guide

The Mortuary Assistant: Endings Guide ...

The Mortuary Assistant has five different endings, and players who want to continue their experience with the game may want to see all of them. However, the way that many of the game's endings are accessible may not be immediately apparent, and indeed some gamers may be confused about what they are meant to do. This article attempts to dispel that confusion.

It is important to mention that some of the information contained within the text may be a spoiler before it is revealed. While care has been taken to minimize those hazards and there is little information provided on the specifics of the endings, players may want to beat The Mortuary Assistant at least once before they continue reading.

How to Get All Endings in The Mortuary Assistant

This is one of the games' "good" endings, and it is quite simple to earn. Players must only use the correct sigils and burn the correct body to arrive at this conclusion.

Fans of indie horror games will again need to use the correct sigils and burn the correct body in order to get the Correct Body Ending. The difference is that players must fulfill these requirements during a second shift in order to get the Normal Ending.

Fans of psychological horror games who want to see this "bad" ending should begin by embalming the first two bodies. This mistake may include burning the wrong body, using the wrong sigils, or overlooking a reagent. All of these errors will result in the Incorrect Body Ending.

Players must enter the basement for this ending by following these steps:

PC gamers who want to see this one should first take the sobriety coins from Rebecca's apartment and the cabinet with ID cards. Then place the coins in Rebecca's hand while she is hanging, and then burn the correct parts to get the Closure Ending.

If players allow themselves to become fully possessed or burn a body before the time is right, they will get a "game over."

The Mortuary Assistant is now available on PC.