Guile's Theme Music Is Revealed in Street Fighter 6

Guile's Theme Music Is Revealed in Street Fighter 6 ...

Capcom is making a surprising new creative direction for Street Fighter 6, which has been clearly demonstrated in previous games. The visuals are immediately recognizable, not only stylistically, but also with familiar Street Fighter characters getting significant changes as well.

Just seeing the words "Guile's theme" should enliven the song in Street Fighter enthusiasts' heads. It's one of the most famous Street Fighter music tracks, never mind being associated with patriotic American memes or fighting in general.

Guile's new theme, titled "Sharpened Sonic," is similar to much of Street Fighter 6's previously released music. It's electronic, mixing different sounds to create a funky, upbeat song that is questioned as to who it's supposed to represent. Given how dramatic an alteration it is, Guile's theme change might take you further into controversial territory.

The Guile theme song has been modified several times previously, but the majority of the music has remained the same. In both cases, Street Fighter 6 is easily the greatest departure from Guile's traditional theme since it was released in Street Fighter 2.

The Guile from Street Fighter 6 isn't necessarily the same Guile from Street Fighter 2. He's left behind his camouflage pants and tank top in favor of blue overalls and a gray hoodie. Capcom has even teased that, after Shadaloo was defeated and Charlie avenged, Guile has settled down and become a family man.

Capcom has clearly stated that it will not be harmed by previous Street Fighter designs, even in areas that are extremely popular. It's a bold move to differentiate Street Fighter 6 from its predecessors. Whether that marks the start of a new era of Street Fighter, or a move that's gone too far, will only be decided when it launches next year.

Street fighter 6 will be released in 2023 on PC, PS4, and Xbox Series X/S.