Who is Yuri Briar in Spy x Family?

Who is Yuri Briar in Spy x Family? ...

From the adorably over-expressive Anya to the silent-but-dead Yor, the Spy x Family has its fair share of quirky characters. One of the most intriguing of the bunch is Yuri Briar.

The forgers' overbearing attachment to his sister Yor is probably his most memorable and unusual character trait so far, with some followers even resenting his connection with her. Yuri is an interesting character who may prove to be a weapon in the works for the Forgers. His job at the State Security Service will ensure this.

A Difficult Childhood

Yor and Yuri's parents died when they were little children; they couldn't afford textbooks for school. Desperate times called for immediate action, and Yor applied for a position that would keep her brother in school; this was the start of Yor's career as an assassin.

Yor would provide snacks and books to Yuri, which she now has to pay for himself. (quite literally) He recalls her "working herself bloody" for his sake. He wanted to be a successful man to protect her for the rest of his life, the same way she has protected him for many years.

Yuri's Job

Yuri is a Second Lieutenant in the State Security Service, the nation's most powerful counterintelligence agency. His primary role is to identify spies and keep an eye on the population. His job includes tasks such as wiretaping, threats, and torture. The citizens are enraged by the organization, and they have dubbed them the "secret police."

Yuri is remarkable at his job, despite his young age. His own colleagues, who are significantly older than him, attest to this. The CEO of the SSS allowed him to join because of his cute face and puppy-like personality. More importantly, Yuri knows how to get the job done without discrimination.

When the SSS brought a guy from Yor's day job to their HQ, under suspicion of being a spy, we first see Yuri at work, which Yuri continued in his own unique way.Yuri's strategy was asking nicely, until the interrogatee refused to cooperate, and it is then that Yuri turns to violence like the rest of the SSS.

Yuri is aware of an Agent Twilight. He knows that he is a master of disguise and that he is from the West. According to Yuri, Twilight is a great adversary to the SSS. This fascinating piece of information provides a compelling background for Yuri and Twilight's future plans, given that the SSS' greatest adversary is closer than Yuri believes.

Yuri's Devotion to Yor

Yuri has become incredibly protective of Yor given their turbulent childhood. This is especially evident in the first episode of the anime where he meets "Loid" for the first time. Yuri wonders if Yor's motive for keeping him secret is that he is some person who isn't worthy of Yor. He enters the evening with a preconceived notion of Yor's mystery guy, which continues throughout the conversation.

Yuri shows up to the Forger house with a large bouquet of roses, an unusual choice for a brother to give his sister a huge bouquet of the most romantic flowers in the world. He is judging him on the inside, though. He even wonders if he's making a mockery of how enraged he became as a result of her interrogation.

Yuri expresses her sympathy for Yor, and when she asks her why she kept her marriage from him, she replied simply that she forgot. Twilight is surprised that Yuri trusted her, particularly when she confesses that she forgot to disclose this in the second episode. Yuri certainly will not let anything slide with his sister.

Yuri is extremely jealous of Loid. He cannot stand the fact that another man took his sister's love, for that man used to be him. As Loid prepares for their dinner, Yuri gets angry about minor things, such as when Loid offers food in the middle of their conversation. His fears about their marriage become stronger when he discovers that something isn't as it appears in this marriage.

Yuri remains as protective of Yor as he has been all these years since he desired to protect her. Anyone who threatens to jeopardizes that notion is not in his good books, although as a brother, all he wants is happiness for his sister.