The Cutest Gundam Models Created by Japanese Idol

The Cutest Gundam Models Created by Japanese Idol ...

Mizu Minamo is a Japanese singer and actress known in Japan as an "idol." Her social media profiles are quite popular, with over 9,000 followers on her Twitter. What you may not expect is her other hobby - making custom Gundam figures using Gunpla (Gundam plastic models).

Gunpla models are not a new hobby in Japan, and there are huge stores dedicated to the activity. You can buy kits, customization equipment, displays, and other items. Many people simply follow the established methods, or modify their own Gundam from the anime or games. Others like to personalize their creations, which is exactly what Minamo has done.

Minamo used the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans to recreate some cherry blossoms that had fallen from the trees, along with a cute pink and gold ribbon accessory. In Japanese, "kawaii" means "cute" and is often used to refer to this type of aesthetic in design.

Mizu Minamo began to tweet more of her kawaii Gunpla on her Twitter account, always coordinating to match the model's original color scheme and make it appear more attractive.

Minamo claims that combining these Gundams with the cute aesthetic is actually easier than you would expect. Her most recent post featured her customized SEED's Strike Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam complete with a magical girl wand and a flowing ribbon on its back, as well as a few gemstones.

Minamo's designs have continued to gain traction on social media, even internationally, and she has begun to translate some of her articles in English for her new fan base abroad. Hopefully her designs will inspire others to not be afraid to share their interests, no matter how strange other people may think they are - and that there is nothing wrong with making things more beautiful.

Minamo's latest design of the SEED's Strike Gundam, which she has dubbed "Fantasy Strike," is currently on display at Gundam Base Tokyo, a gundam store in Odaiba, which is already a pilgrimage destination for Gundam fans because it features a life-size, moving Gundam Unicorn. There's plenty more to see there, too, at least for a while.