If you like Xenoblade Chronicles, here are 15 games to play

If you like Xenoblade Chronicles, here are 15 games to play ...

In March of 2020, Nintendo surprised its fans with a stealth presentation of a Nintendo Direct Mini, which highlighted some interesting titles that players may expect to see in the coming months. One notable example was a lush remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Fans got a closer look at the stunning, spruced-up visuals, as well as a newly-released epilogue journey for Shulk and his team. The Xenoblade 2 is on a roll, reminding fans why the series is so special.

Monolith Soft's upcoming APRG sequel Xenoblade has just been released, bringing rave reviews and fan support. This entertaining, innovative game will certainly entice fans and newcomers to try it out.

Echoes Of An Elusive Age In 15 Dragon Quest 11 S

Dragon Quest's eleventh mainline installment is a watermark of this legendary series, with a charming narrative and engaging gameplay that deftly mixes the old with the new. The game party carries the retro JRPG aesthetic, with (partly) linear exploration, turn-based battles, personalized classes, and stylized graphics. At the same time, Square Enix reimagines the formula with some modern twists and extra features.

For those who prefer an aggressive combat, a substantial amount of customization is available. Players may also maneuver around in a 3D space when fighting, similar to Xenoblade Chronicles. Random encounters are also removed this time round, and, as a neat addition, retro RPG fans may turn up the nostalgic feelings with a sprite-based 2D mode.

14 Live Alive

Following the early 2022 release of a Super NES restored adventure, RPG fans on Switch were surprised. With the innovative JRPG Live Alive, players will be able to explore landscapes from the Old American West to imperial China and a metropolitan future.

As its premise is more similar to Chrono Trigger, there's seemingly little that this classic RPG love letter shares with Xenoblade. Yet, fans of the Monolith epic should appreciate the similar lush, diverse settings and engaging, engaging combat.

13 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

It's no wonder there's been a slew of Star Wars games over the years, some of which have been better than others. Yet, two decades after its initial release, Knights of the Old Republic still reigns supreme when it comes to games based on George Lucas' iconic IP.

KOTOR was years ahead of its time due to its dynamic progression, interplanetary environments, and a plot-driven campaign that allows players to choose their path in the game. However, the combat is what really shines through in the end, just like that game.

12 Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

This original Ys game, while still relatively unknown in the West, has a long and rich history, quietly expanding its repertoire over the years. It may be intimidating for many to grasp, yet it is often praised for its more universal appeal and inventiveness.

Ys VIII is a great opportunity to get involved in a self-contained island setting and quick gameplay. At the same time, there's plenty of fast-paced combat for both newcomers and Ys veterans to enjoy.

11 Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Xenoblade and Tales are excellent JRPG games that marry linearity with sandbox elements and offer intense and immersive gameplay. There's hard to find a better way to experience this franchise than a modified version of one of its best games, Vesperia.

Vesperia's battle system is far more frantic than Xenoblade, offering a unique, whimsical cast, a deep, semi-open world to explore, and a distinct assortment of humans and creatures to play.

10 Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata may be regarded as the Xbox 360's version of Xenoblade. Both platforms used to shine as rare JPRG gems, but the gameplay has similar qualities as well. Players have a vast, varied fantasy world to explore, an engaging narrative, and numerous charming characters with a wide variety of rewarding moves.

Eternal Sonata also emphasizes a wide array of different skill combos and chains, as well as timed blocks that keep the intensity at an all-time high. This imposing, melodic RPG deserves to be heard by Xenoblade enthusiasts.

9 Dragon's Dogma

Dragon's Dogma, a Capcom game that shares open-world influences with dynamic Japanese mythos, is a great introduction to WRPG legend and action. It also crosses the line between strategy and action.

Dragon's Dogma maintains the combat fresh and in-depth with a variety of unique abilities and skillsets, much as is the case with many of the Xenoblades' beasts and Unique Monsters that require players to win.

8 Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Level-5 and Bandai Namco have created a wacky, whimsical RPG with Ni No Kuni, despite its lack of recognition. The console debut, remastered for PC and PS4, was the shining light.

Wrath of the White Witch combines a linear campaign with a series of side quests, much like Monolith Soft's game.

7 Grandia 2

The Xenoblade games' fun, innovative battle system centered around the Monado sword is one of the most compelling features. The Grandia series' deep, gripping gameplay makes each battle enjoyable even after the end of the epic campaign.

Positioning and timing go a long way in gaining an advantage, as do mixing and matching the appropriate moves. The plot and world-building are equally imaginative, enhanced by the likable and memorable cast.

6 The Last Story

The Last Story is distinguished from its Wii RPG companion Xenoblade, but there's still a lot of overlap. For one, both games are original properties whose authors are, in part, tied to Square Enix, with Hironobu Sakaguchi having worked on Final Fantasy before The Last Story and Tetsuya Takahashi having links to the Xeno series.

Mistwalker and AQ Interactive's game offers a similar rich world with a variety of settings, from ancient tombs and caves to grand castles and large sea vessels. Like Xenoblade, players and their AI crew will be hacking away during some thrilling real-time combat while also releasing satisfying spells.

5 Skies Of Arcadia

The two enormous giants that make up the Xenoblade films have rarely been matched creatively or atmospherically. However, Overworks' Dreamcast epic, Skies of Arcadia, comes close with its aerial environments and steampunk motif.

This 3D RPG date back to 2000, emphasising free-flowing exploration and vast landscapes that are traversed via airship. Each of the game's six regions holds a distinct and rich character, keeping players hooked throughout the 50-hour campaign.

4 Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

Many Xenoblade enthusiasts appreciate the deep, grandiose Final Fantasy games of the modern era. Yet, this 2006 adaptation, which received a thorough remaster, should entice those who swear by the Monado.

This Final Fantasy takes a more WRPG-style approach by allowing more freedom, exploration, and increasing the pace of combat. It's also engaging, yet also deeply personal, as each character may be customized.

3 Xenogears

Tetsuya Takahashi, the executive director of Xenoblade, was also the creative mind behind this game, which resembled Wii's role-playing game in name only. Despite its age, its atmospheric charm and deep, gripping gameplay all hold up to this day. The luxurious settings and cinematic qualities tend to make up for it.

The battle system is a game that combines strategy with an action-based mechanic that almost feels like a beat-em-up. Users will want to go onward, visiting sea, air, and even outer space locations in addition to land-based areas.

2 Phantasy Star Online

Skies of Arcadia isn't the only Dreamcast RPG that should enthuse fans of Monolith Soft's adventure. One of Sega's most dynamic and addictive RPGs still excels two decades later, with its emphasis on deep customization, exploration, and online co-op.

With its long-range firing and free-flowing mechanics, the combat resembles Mass Effect (and probably more so) and should attract Xenoblade enthusiasts.

1 Tales Of Arise

Bandai Namco is returning with a darker, more grandiose, more expansive narrative, incorporating open-world elements and Western influences. The scenery and settings in Arise have a darker, more sinister aura than those in previous stories.

Still, there is still plenty of that appealing Tales charm and Japanese mythos for gamers to enjoy. Think Elden Ringand Code Vein, minus the souls-like structure. Tales of Arise maintains much of the franchise's core mechanics, including the fluid Linear Motion Battle System and a fantastic plot-driven campaign.