The Souls-like Mechanics of Thymesia Explained

The Souls-like Mechanics of Thymesia Explained ...

Every ten years, a new genre takes over the gaming world by storm. In the 1980s, Super Mario Bros. spawned a love for 2D side-scrollers, in the 1990s, Doom spawned the Soulslike genre, and in the 2010s, FromSoftware's Dark Souls was born. There are a few characteristics that make a Soulslike different from the average third-person action RPG.

Thymesia is set to be released on August 18 in just a few weeks' time, taking a lot of inspiration from FromSoftware's Bloodborne. Players will be forced to dodge roll and hack their way through hordes of feral monsters.

Thymesia's Soulslike Mechanics

Thymesia will shoot a variety of eldritch horrors at the player, from ruthless villagers with spears to gigantic wolf-like monsters when the opportunity arises. The general gameplay loop of Thymesia follows the usual Soulslike pattern. Players will lock onto their foe, strafe around them, dodge oncoming attacks, and unleash their own strikes when the opportunity arises.

As players progress through Thymesia, they'll unlock a variety of weapons, each with its own animations and stats. Some of the game's most dangerous bosses will be removed, as will some of his player-character, named Corvus. These abilities may also affect how a player approaches each combat encounter.

Corvus has many unnatural abilities, including a "Raven Form," which allows him to halt an enemy's attack when timed correctly, and open them up for a devastating riposte. This mechanic bears a significant resemblance to Bloodborne's Quicksilver Bullet parry technique.

A high degree of difficulty is often brought over from FromSoftware's Soulslike games. However, the best Soulslikes know how to create gameplay that's both challenging and rewarding. This is especially important when it comes to boss fights.

Thymesia will be released on August 18 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.