There Are 8 Steam Games That Deserve Of Your Attention

There Are 8 Steam Games That Deserve Of Your Attention ...

There is no shortage of RPG games to choose from. There are many subgenres within the RPG genre, including action RPGs, MMORPGs, tactical RPGs, JRPGs, and many more. There is no limit to the types of RPGs there are, but most of the time, they follow game mechanics that include one or more characters, some sort of leveling up system, quests, or missions to complete that include puzzle solving.

Some of the most popular RPGs out there include these qualities as well as many other aspects that draw a fan following, such as the action and rich lore of Elden Ring, and the unique characters and relationships players may develop in JRPGs such as Final Fantasy 7 and Persona 5. There are several hidden gems to be discovered on Steam, including a lot of them.

8 Haven

Haven is an RPG where players play as Yu and Kay, two lovers who have settled on a forgotten planet. The story follows Yu and Kay as they attempt to make the planet their new home and deepen their friendship. Combat involves both of them and establishing synchronicity between their actions.

Haven offers both a single-player and a local co-op mode, in which the second player may join or leave at any time. There has also been a free update that allows players to play Yu and Kay as a same-sex couple.

7 Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny is a JRPG that doesn't take itself seriously, which is a part of its charm. Players travel with four nerdy pals as they are drawn into a fantasy world. Like any isekai series, the four friends are mistaken as heroes and are assigned a number of other fantasy heroes-related tasks.

Doom & Destiny is a game that includes many classic series parodies and cameos. It's also a solid JRPG with tons of things to collect, special powers to learn, enemies to fight, and interesting locations to visit. Those who like anything that would be classified as "nerd culture" will find something that makes a funny mention of their series.

6 Star Renegades

Star Renegades is a 'roguelike' strategy RPG that combines both of these elements as well as so much more into its gameplay. Players must fight and try to keep their characters alive by battling against a powerful and impending force known as the Imperium.

Each battle is based on previous conflicts and choices. Enemies players have faced in the past will return stronger, increasing in the player's ranks as the player's characters do. The game includes permadeath, where players can continue to challenge new characters and utilize what they learned to improve their chances of success.

5 Hylics 2

Hylics 2 is a strange RPG that is unlike many others. Although it's a perfect standalone game in itself, players follow Wayne as he rescues a group to save him from a cruel tyrant.

The most impressive aspect of the game is how it combines 3D art with stop-motion animation and pixel art to create a bizarre but visually appealing game. Players can fight over 25 opponents who each have their own behaviors and special abilities. There's also a minigame platformer and a first-person dungeon crawler as additional and optional content.

4 The Bard's Tale Trilogy

The Bard's Tale is considered to be a series that defined what constitutes an RPG. It is a remaster of the 1985 game, along with two of its sequels The Bard's Tale 2: The Destiny Knight and The Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate.

It doesn't have the flashiest of graphics, but it's a solid old-school RPG experience that can be enjoyed by newcomers and experienced players alike. The gameplay focuses on dungeon-crawling and building up the player's abilities and experience to defeat the evil wizard Mangar the Dark.

3 Stolen Realm

Stolen Realm is an Early Access dungeon-crawling RPG that allows players to play with up to six characters in a solo mode, or play with five other players in an online co-op. Every battlefield is hex-based, allowing players to position their characters wherever they want.

Positioning and environment can play a role in how well a battle goes as there are areas that have special effects, characters can conceal objects, and some objects can even be used as improvised weapons. There are over 240 different abilities to choose from, allowing players to customize their characters based on their preset builds.

2 Horizon's Gate

Horizon's Gate is an RPG game that was released in 2020. It has a very interesting combat system that allows players to fight on land and sea. Players may make their mark within the land of Eral as either a trader, privateer, or explorer, with each profession having its advantages, depending on the gameplay desired.

Combat is turn-based, and it's simple, yet engaging. There are 36 different classes and hundreds of abilities and passive abilities players may choose for their character and their crew. This allows them complete freedom to customize the character they wish to experience the most.

1 Realms Of Magic

Realms of Magic is a hybrid of old and new with its setting in a contemporary open-world framework and old-school RPG mechanics. It is a land filled with everything you would expect from high fantasy, from magic to slay monsters to loot.

Players can build their characters up to be the best adventurer in the land, or they choose to live a more quiet and lowkey lifestyle for their character by requiring them to concentrate on their profession and other skills that will pay for themselves.