The Next Horizon Game Should Modify The Approach To Coils

The Next Horizon Game Should Modify The Approach To Coils ...

Horizon Forbidden West improves upon the first game in many ways, with settlements becoming much more colorful while facial animation becoming much more powerful in the Guerrilla Games sequel. However, there are areas where the next installment in the series may further refine the formula. For instance, aerial and underwater combat may be added to Horizon. Further, the Coil system may be reworked.

Coils are used in Horizon Forbidden West to enhance weaponry, while also allowing players to improve certain attributes of their weapon. For example, a bow with fire arrows can be upgraded, while players may acquire coils that enable them to blast machines off enemies with ease.

Coil Crafting in The Next Horizon Game

In the PlayStation exclusive game Horizon Forbidden West, players will be collecting Coils every single time. Whether it is looting a machine body, paying Shards at vendors, or running side quests and errands, the process of earning them feels too random and unnatural.

The legendary Coils in Horizon Forbidden West are a bit lacking. Not only are they limited, but when gamers finally get them, it feels as though the effort was worth it. These were meant to be changes in the next Horizon game.

A Coil crafting mechanic is easy to envision, as it might work exactly like the weapons seen in Horizon Forbidden West. Players might be tasked with assembling several machine parts, with the pieces in question leading to a guaranteed type of Coil, while pushing them to explore the many different machine sites scattered across the map.

If a player combines a Tideripper piece with a Fire Bellowback piece, they might be guaranteed a Coil of higher rarity. Continuing with the Tideripper example, combining an orange piece from this machine with an orange item from a Thunderjaw might always result in a Legendary Coil. Players may also use this crafting option to customize their weapons, without having to rely on crates or limited Coil selections in vendor inventories.

A crafting feature might allow Horizon players to make some weapon-specific Coils. For example, by combining a special Shredder Gauntlet item or token with the two machine pieces, gamers might be guaranteed a Coil that is particularly powerful for Shredder Gauntlets, further enhancing their weapon of choice. Each melee enemy Aloy kills can drop a spear Coil item, while each archer could drop a bow upgrade.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.