Mobile gaming is making more money than PC and console gaming together

Mobile gaming is making more money than PC and console gaming together ...

Here's a sign of the times: Activision has revealed through newly released financial reports that it made more money on its phone games last quarter than it did on all of its console and PC games combined.

Activision's quarterly report was published last week, detailing how the company's biggest games across PC, console, and mobile are doing financially. And because of games likeDiablo Immortal, Call of Duty Mobile, and Candy Crush Saga, the beleaguered Call of Duty publishers are making a lot of money off phone games. In fact, more than half of the company's total earnings for the second quarter of 2022 came from mobile titles rather than console or PC games.

Activision's total income from its Q2 2022 fiscal year was $831 million, while console games earned $376 million, while PC games earned a little less, $332 million. Lastly, it made $105 million from events and esports.

What you might not expect, especially if you dont realize how massive mobile gaming has become over the last decade, is that of the $831 million made off of phone games, the majority of it came from Kings titles, rather than stuff like Call of Duty Mobile. King titles include Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, and the company claims to have raised over $680 million in revenues.

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Activision's future is likely to be a future where it invests more money and resources on mobile games, often failing to keep their heads above water.

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Activision's importance is particularly crucial as Call of Duty continues to lose millions of players and perform poorly. At one point, the company spent years focusing much of its energy on the franchise in some capacity. It's probable that the company will seek to diversify into mobile more, rather than less, in the future.

Activision's hugely successful mobile games are one of the main reasons Microsoft began the purchase of the company earlier this year following a massive, public outcry following the company's years of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Call of Duty and Warcraft are in some ways more like Xbox's money-printing games.