Meet the Actors Who Play The Endless In The Sandman Cast

Meet the Actors Who Play The Endless In The Sandman Cast ...

The Sandman's Netflix adaptation has been long anticipated by early DC fans as well as by those who have come to enjoy the many wonderful Neil Gaiman televised offerings, from Good Omens to American Gods. However, theres something rewarding about acknowledging an actor who's been chosen in a key role from other work that they've done, especially if it's genre fare that makes them seem particularly suitable for their role.

The Sandman's cast includes many new actors that will certainly become more well-known as the show expands. Below are a few of the more experienced actors that viewers will immediately recognize and delight in seeing in their new roles.

Tom Sturridge as Dream

The casting of the Sandman himself, also known as Dream or Morpheus, must have been a meticulously planned out task. If Netflix got the main character wrong, it would ruin the entire series. Thanks to his sharp features and fair skin, Tom Sturridge appears to have stepped right off the page of the DC comic.

In a Netflix thriller, Velvet Buzzsaw, Sturridge starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, who was nominated for the part of Phillip in Orphans and Jake Gyllenhaal in Sea Wall/A Life. Sturridge was also included in the cast of The Sandman co-star Boyd Holbrook in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death

Kirby Howell-Baptistes' resume possesses just the right mix of serious and comedic roles to make her stand out in the role of such a kind, mentor-like character.

Howell-Baptiste is well-known for playing the neuroscientist Simone in later seasons of The Good Place. Elena is a loyal collaborator and companion to the titular character in Killing Eve. True fans may have also noticed her voice behind Dr. Mae Turner's role in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

Mason Alexander Park as Desire

Desire, the younger brother of Death and Dream, actively works against the goals of Morpheus in the Sandman comic. They are well-known for their leading role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as well as their role as Gren in the short-lived Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer

Gwendoline Christie has carved a niche for herself in genre circles with her role as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, and she has an equally enthusiastic fan base in the Star Wars community with her appearance as First Order Captain Phasma. Christie will soon be seen in the Addams Family spin-off Wednesday, which is also available on Netflix.

Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine

Jenna Coleman has her own name recognition in the role of Johanna Constantine, who has her own connections to the noted exorcist. Coleman is most well-known for her time as Clara Oswald opposite Matt Smith, but also for her titular role in Victoria.

Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess

Charles Dance, a Royal Shakespeare Company veteran who plays Roderick Burgess in the Sandman, is well-known for his part in 1986's The Golden Child, but he has also had many other notable roles in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Mank, and The Crown.

David Thewlis as John Dee

David Thewlis is a masterful actor with one of those faces that are immediately apparent to viewers, but which they do not always place. In The Sandman, he plays John Dee, who attempts to sway Dreams power, but as Ares in Wonder Woman, he was a god who had plenty of his own. Or they may have heard him sing in Big Mouth or Human Resources, in which he plays Shame Wizard.

Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian

The Sandman, a nightmare who escapes into the world to become a serial killer, will star Boyd Holbrook, but genre followers may remember him as the cyborg Donald Pierce in the X-Men universes Logan or Quinn McKenna in the 2018 remake of The Predator. He will also play a role in the next Indiana Jones installment, which will be released next year.

Patton Oswalt and Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill will always be Luke Skywalker, and Patton Oswalt has had a long history of guest appearances in nerdy fare across the spectrum, but both have a long history of voicing unique voices to animated characters. Hamill has played everyone from The Joker to Skeletor, and Oswalt has most recently voiced Remy the rodent chef of Ratatouille and, more recently, the titular invisible unicorn in Happy!

Hamill will play Merv Pumpkinhead, the Dreamings' beleaguered custodian, and Oswalt will lend vocals to Matthew, the raven companion of Dream, who will soon be added to their repertoire.

The Sandman's tenth episode is now available for streaming.