Michael Keatons' New Batman Costume is Leaked in a Canceled Batgirl Film

Michael Keatons' New Batman Costume is Leaked in a Canceled Batgirl Film ...

Fans loved Batgirl for many reasons, from seeing a popular character perform in an Oscar-winning film, to following Leslie Grace as she becomes a superhero in In the Heights. But the surprise cancellation of Batgirl, which was initially scheduled for HBO Max, means that Keaton will not appear alongside Graces Barbara Gordon or J.K. Simmons Commissioner Gordon.

Adil El Arbi, who co-directed Batgirl with creative partner Bilall Fallah, posted a set photo to his Instagram, showing Grace and Keaton in full costume. Except for the red light that appears to illuminate their faces, the image shows the younger hero's familiar face.

Adil El Arbi, the director of BATGIRL, has just shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Leslie Grace and Michael Keaton in costume #ReleaseBatgirl #Batgirl4Life on Twitter.com/nVQSjGggdg

El Arbi has been posting on Instagram notes thanking other artists for their input for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Ant-Man, respectively. MCU CEO Kevin Feige also sent a message to the directors, expressing her gratitude for their efforts and her desire for future films. Grace shared behind-the-scenes pictures, saying she would follow her characters' lead and become her own damn hero!

Leslie Grace (@lesliegrace) has shared a post on her blog.

Keaton has not commented on recent happenings, likely because he is still scheduled to star in a DC film. The Flash was supposed to properly introduce Keatons Batman to the DCEU and explain his journey through the multiverse, opening the way for the actor to reprise his roles in Batgirl, Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom. However, without The Flash coming out first, there are no indications that Ben Affleck would direct the Aquaman sequel.

Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash, is still embroiled in legal battles, putting more bad press on an already heavily scrutinized project. The film producer has made every effort to ensure all that The Flash will be released in cinemas in 2023, but it's hard to believe that new Warner Bros. director David Zaslav will not release that film in his quest to reset DC movies.

If The Flash does indeed fail to reach theaters, then images like these may be all we have of one of superhero cinema's early incarnations returning to the genre. At the same time, we can enjoy Keatons' first appearance as the Dark Knight in Batman and Batman Returns, as well as his role as the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as long as it takes to forget that Morbius is his final superhero movie role.