A Killer Combination of Humor, Commentary, and Horror-Mystery Bodies Bodies Review

A Killer Combination of Humor, Commentary, and Horror-Mystery Bodies Bodies Review ...

Be it with 2013's Spring Breakers, 2018's Eighth Grade, or last year's Zola, A24 has always excelled in its explorations of youth culture and social media. Yet Bodies Bodies Bodies, from director Halina Reijn, might be the most prescient, biting, and downright fun of A24's Gen Z dissections so far.

Bodies Bodies Bodies follows a group of seven friends who gather for a house party at a property owned by David's parents (Pete Davidson). Amongst the partiers are David's actress girlfriend Emma (Chase Sui Wonders), the self-involved podcast host Alice (Lee Pace), the guy she met on Tinder who the rest of the group does not know. However, Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), who is fresh out of rehab, shows

Sophie suggests that they play bodies bodies bodies, in which one character pretends to be a murderer, taking out the other members of the group. But once a real murder takes place during the game, the rest of the group must discover who is actually looking after their group.

Bodies Bodies is a continuously funny comedy and an eerie, hazy film in equal measure as this group attempts to unravel the mystery inside the mansion. This group is fueled by cocaine, alcohol, and drama, all while exploring their own prejudices and the deep wounds that have been created from these long friendships.

Bodies Bodies Bodies maintains a difficult balance of tension and humor that blends together with perfection. Even though these characters are often mocking their culture, they never emerge as unbelievable caricatures that are used as punching bags.

What makes Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies a great read, or as a dark comedy and darker action, is their fantastic cast. Every interaction of characters makes for an exciting scene, as the common past casts a shadow over the others, while Bakalova is quiet and timidan demeanour that immediately shines out in this often vapid group.

Davidson as David and Pace as Greg are both having a great time in the film, and it's one of the greatest fun parts of the film, as David declares that he's totally more attractive than Greg, and that he's also a great guy. Bakalovas Beeis another mystery in this puzzle, as he seems to be just going with the flow of his new Tinder relationship.

Reijn, DeLappe, and this amazing cast make watching this group implode ridiculously enjoyable, as they are usually obnoxious, but never unbearable, and understandably frustrating, but never exhausting. This is also the kind of fantastic mystery that will only improve upon rewatch, as details explored later in the film only enhance what they already possess.

Bodies Bodies is a neon-soaked party that never dies down, and a wild murder mystery that will keep the audience guessing and laughing until the end.

Rating: B+

Bodies Bodies Bodies is now playing in New York and Los Angeles, and it will open wider on August 12.