Laura San Giacomo will play La Befana as the Santa Clauses

Laura San Giacomo will play La Befana as the Santa Clauses ...

According to a Deadline exclusive, fans of the classic Christmas film The Santa Clause will get their holiday cheer as Laura San Giacomo will appear in the next episode, The Santa Clauses. The series is expected to launch later this year on Disney+.

San Giacomo, who previously starred in NCIS, is set to play the role of La Befana, an Italian Christmas witch who visits families throughout Italy on Epiphany, a Christian feast day. The show will feature the holiday customs of other cultures throughout the world.

The Santa Clauses might be a memorable holiday experience for fans of the original films. Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell will reprise their roles as Scott Calvin and Carol Calvin. Matilda Lawler will reprise their roles as Grace while Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Allen's real-life daughter, will reprise their roles as Sandra.

When the holiday series first launches on Disney+, Scott Calvin begins to lose his magic. He is on a quest to find a suitable replacement as he prepares for a new life for his family outside the North Pole.

Jack Burditt, showrunner who previously worked with San Giacomo on Just Shoot Me, will executive produce The Santa Clauses alongside Rick Messina, Jason Winer, and Jon Radler of Small Dog Picture Company.

The Santa Clause holiday film, which has no set release date, is expected to launch on Disney+ later this year in time for the holiday season: Watch the original trailer here: