From 'Stranger Things' to 'The Boys,' Paul Reiser is experiencing a Renaissance

From 'Stranger Things' to 'The Boys,' Paul Reiser is experiencing a Renaissance ...

If Paul Reiser is around these days, you are mistaken. With roles in The Kominsky Method, Stranger Things, and The Boys, a whole new generation is gaining respect for him. Along the lines of the Keanussance, the McConaissance, the Goldblumassance, and the Shyamalanassance, because that just sounds awesome. But where was he when it came to filming?

Reiser began his career as a stand-up comedian. His routines skipped politics in favor of pontificating on relevant topics in a mild neurotic way. In 1982, he got his big break in the film Diner, playing Modell, an aspiring stand-up comedian. Reiser then followed up with a role as Detective Jeffrey Friedman in 1994's Beverly Hills Cop, which he would reprise in the 1987 sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II.

Carter J. Burke, a star of 1986's Aliens, has been nabbed by Reiser. He plays himself, more or less, in the first half of the film, blaming Ripley and the viewer for believing Burke is trustworthy. He locks both Ripley and Newt in a medical laboratory with two facehuggers, thus bypassing Earth's quarantine. "Damn, son, that's cold."

My Two Dads and Mad About You, a two-part TV series, have won 12 Emmy Awards, including one for guest staring Mel Brooks and Carol Burnett, as well as many other awards.

Then, the Renaissance began. Paul Reiser's sitcom with Paul Reiser as Paul Reiser was canceled after only two episodes, so don't cue the Reiserssance quite yet. Stranger Things, where Reiser reprises his role as Dr. Sam Owens, is probably the most popular among newcomers to the show.

The Boys, an Amazon Prime Video hit series starring Reiser, has proved to be a popular topic, and is expected to reprise its role in future seasons, including a touching reprise of Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), who was accidentally released from a Russian facility.

Friends, this is a new golden age of Reiserness, and wherever the affable Reiser appears next - print, stage, television, film, drama, or comedy - it would be foolish to rule him out. Because even if he's off the radar, there will be a... Reiserrection.