10 Cartoon Network Shows That Need to Be Represented in Multiversus

10 Cartoon Network Shows That Need to Be Represented in Multiversus ...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) is one of the most influential games of the last decade, and is the true "most ambitious crossover in history," honoring not only Nintendo's history, but also the game as a whole.

Before Ultimate, the Super Smash Bros. series tried their hand at the platform fighter genre; it wasn't until the latter entry that corporations began to realize the possibilities of using the genre for crossovers.

With Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (2021), which commemorated the company's history, Warner Bros. was the first to capitalize on it with MultiVersus, a multi-million-acre project spanning from Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera to DC Comics and Game of Thrones. However, Multiversus is also a great opportunity for Warner Bros. to honor their own classic kids' channel Cartoon Network.

'Ben 10'

Ben 10 is the most lucrative franchise on Cartoon Network, which started in 2005 and spanned five different series. He becomes a superhero because to this newfound ability. Two sequel series followed Ben's adventures as a 16-year-old, which were then followed by two reboot series.

Ben would be a great fit for the game's first stance character, who would be able to play many classes while alternating between different aliens, thus becoming the game's most versatile character. And while there wouldn't be room for all of his original aliens, there might easily be one for each class in the cast.

'The Powerpuff Girls'

The Powerpuff Girls, a superhero classic from Cartoon Network, is centered around Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three kindergarten-aged girls who battle crime in the fictional city of Townsville, with their father and creator, Professor Utonium.

Although the 2016 reboot was disappointing, the original series is one of Cartoon Network's most popular series and has won numerous awards, meriting its place on MultiVersus' roster. Despite Blossom being the most likely pick due to her leadership, all three girls might add their own flair to the game.

'Teen Titans'

Teen Titans, a second installment of Cartoon Network's superhero series, is a cross between Cartoon Network and DC Comics. Titans revolves around the superheroes Robin, the group's leader, Starfire, an alien princess, Cyborg, a half-machine computer genius, Beast Boy, a boy who can infiltrate various animals, and Raven, a half-demon with mystical powers.

Robin would be the most likely representation of all five members of MultiVersus, since he is the team's leader and the most popular member of the DC franchise.

'Regular Show'

Regular Show is another popular Cartoon Network show that focuses on two friends named Mordecai and Rigby and their coworkers as park groundskeepers. It's a funny comedy, sexual innuendos, and mature themes that have gathered a following of all ages.

The series makes many references to pop culture, both from the 1980s and today. If Mordecai and Rigby would be the better fit for MultiVersus, maybe such a powerful program deserves to have both of them anyway.

'The Amazing World of Gumball'

The Amazing World of Gumball, a popular sitcom with children and adults, is the first and by far most successful original show produced by the Cartoon Network's European division. It is best known for blending diverse animation styles, from traditional animation and CGI to stop-motion, puppetry, and even live-action.

Gumball's moveset should reflect his show's eccentricity, as well as pop culture and internet memes.

'Codename: Kids Next Door'

Kids Next Door, sometimes shortened KND or 2002, follows five 10-year-olds who are part of a global espionage organization known as Kids Next Door, which operates from a high-tech treehouse and usually refers to themselves by numerical codenames, from Numbuh 1 to Numbuh 5.

Numbuh 1 would be the most likely to get a seat in MultiVersus due to being the leader, but all five kids may bring a different and unique perspective.

'Ed, Edd n Eddy'

Ed, Edd n Eddy, Cartoon Network's longest-running original series, is followed by three titular preteen boys as they devise a variety of schemes to entice their neighborhood to buy jawbreakers, usually failing. The series is popular among children and adults, and is the source of many internet memes.

Choosing one of the Eds to represent the series in MultiVersus would be more difficult, unlike other series that involve ensemble casts, although Eddy would be the most likely, again due to being the self-proclaimed leader of the trio.


Chowder is the subject of many internet memes as a youngster of a nondescript animal species who lives in a colorful fantasy world full of varied characters. Other characters include Chowder's mentor Mung Daal, Mung's wife Truffles, his assistant Shnitzel, and Panini, Mung's apprentice who has a crush on Chowder.

While the program has its fair share of toilet humor, it has had a good reputation among children as well as adults, and the main character is definitely a good fit to include in MultiVersus.

'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy'

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, which formerly aired as part of the Grim & Evilshow alongside Evil Con Carne, later became a standalone series. Follow the adventures of the two titular kids as they become the masters of a Grim Reaper named Grim.

Grim is reluctant to serve Billy and Mandy at first, but ends up using his supernatural powers to assist them, and introduces them to strange places and characters, resulting in wacky adventures. If the show goes into MultiVersus, Grim would be the perfect character to portray it, having been the most iconic part of the show and possessing many abilities that might encapsulate his moveset.

'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends'

Craig McCracken's critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004-2009) follows 8-year-old Mac as he is forced to abandon his imaginary friend Bloo, and places him in a foster home for imaginary friends where Bloo is kept from being adopted as long as Mac visits him every day.

The colorful cast of imaginary pals living in the foster home and their bizarre interactions with Bloo and Mac are well-known throughout the series, and it definitely deserves to be represented in MultiVersus. And this time, Mac and Bloo might not be Tom and Jerry, since they may be another duo fighter.