Is the LGBTQ Slasher Streaming or in Theaters? How to Watch They/Them: Is the LGBTQ Slasher Streaming or in Theaters?

Is the LGBTQ Slasher Streaming or in Theaters? How to Watch They/Them: Is the LGBTQ Slasher Streamin ...

Blumhouse Productions is bringing another moving horror story to life this summer, in their first collaboration with Peacock. The slasher horror will be the streaming service's seventh original feature film, and it is also the streaming networks first original horror film. They/Them is John Logan's feature film.

They/Them is a more complex story that is well-known for its signature horror quotient. One aspect is that it investigates the terrifying experiences of LGBTQIA+ individuals that they go through in their personal and social lives, and two, that their lives are at jeopardy.

Theo Germaine, who plays the protagonist, is also seen in the show. Carrie Preston, Anna Chlumsky, Quei Tann, Anna Lore, Monique Kim, Darwin del Fabro, Cooper Koch, and Austin Crute also play in various roles.

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Is They/Them in Movie Theaters?

Several recent Universal Pictures and Blumhouse projects have seen simultaneous theater and streaming release. However, they/them will not be the case. Peacock is going to be an exclusive streaming release that will not see the light of the big screen. So, if you want to see this movie, you will need to register with Peacock.

Is They/Them Streaming Online?

Peacock will be available for the first time on Friday, August 5, 2022. The film premiered at the Outfest Film Festival in July 2022.

You may download Peacock's mobile or web app on your laptops or any Android or iOS devices and watch it.

Peacocks are always on the lookout.

Can you watch They/Them without Peacock?

The only way to see They/Them is to watch it on Peacock, and it isn't available anywhere else. The NBC streaming service is available on a subscription basis. Although most content on Peacock is free, They/Them is a fresh release as well as an original production and requires you to subscribe to either of its plans to access it.

Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus packages are available for free. The Premium plan costs $4.99 and includes ads, while the Premium Plus costs $9.99 and is ad-free.

Watch the They/Them Trailer

The official trailer for They/Them, released by Peacock, clearly demonstrates that this horror film will also have Blumhouse's trademark frightening arcs and jump scares. Yet this new slasher seems more powerful, addressing the various unsavory experiences of LGBTQIA+ people, which stands in stark contrast to Bacons Owen Whistler and his camp staff's darker evils.

The two-and-a-half-minute teaser depicts struggle, both in the campers' thoughts and their physical existence. Rather, the remote setting of Whistler Camp helps them with their case. This setting encourages you to concentrate more on the danger that the campers are about to face, revealing what to expect from this slasher.

The fact that the story is somewhat vague, is a plus point of the trailer, keeping the rest of the story's suspense intact and letting you question what's next in the future, which is also to be expected. They/Them is a classic horror film, with ample psychological horror and a constant quest for the victims.

What is They/Them About?

They/Them is a story of survival, both in a figurative and literal sense. It is mainly about the emotional and existential difficulties that the LGBTQIA+ community faces at conversion camps/sessions, as well as the horrible experiences that many go through at conversion camps/sessions. While many of those places may appear friendly and welcoming on the outside, there is always a deeper evil hidden beneath the surface, sometimes even putting people's lives at jeopardy.

The story follows a group of teenagers who arrive at Whistler Camp, a program that aims at reclaiming gay people's traditional gender roles. They are there because of their parents or guardians who have most likely forced them or agreed to their other desires/needs in exchange for the trip.

Owen Whistler, the owner of the camp, and the rest of the staff seem to rely on various brainwashing techniques on their guests, treading on the edge of psychological torture. But things seem unsettling to the campers, especially to Jordan, whoidentifies as non-binary.

Campers have no access to the outside world, friends, or families, thus creating the perfect environment for horror to strike. And just as you would expect in an environment like that, the trip turns out to be a nightmare for the youngsters, and quite bloody so, when unidentified danger looms over the campsite, turning the place into a gore fest. This is when the survivors must figure out a way to escape.