'The Sandman's Dreaming Explained: What Is the Kingdom Ruled By Morpheus?

'The Sandman's Dreaming Explained: What Is the Kingdom Ruled By Morpheus? ...

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Netflix's The Sandman. The Sandman takes place in the Dreaming, a magical place where dreams and nightmares go wrong and which living beings visit from time to time. As in Neil Gaiman's original comic book stories, the Dreaming is the kingdom of Dream, or Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), one of the Endless.

Morpheus embodies one of the ideas without which life in the universe would be impossible: the capacity to envision new worlds. Also, like every other Endless, Morpheus has a realm from which he rules; the Dreaming. So, first and foremost, the Dreaming is a Kingdom created and controlled by Morpheus, the place where he is more powerful than anywhere else.

Morpheus performs his duties from his throne in the Dreaming. While the Endless are some of the most powerful beings ever created in the DC universe, they are not there to rule over other forms of life; they are there to inspire people or to compel them to confront their fears. Every time living creatures close their eyes, they create a connection with the Dreaming, visiting a specific section of the fantastic dimension tailored to their needs.

The Dreaming is also the vault where Morpheus keeps all the universe's written works, even those that just crossed someone's head without ever being published. Lost characters also find refuge in the Dreaming, as long as they follow Morpheus and the Endless rule. Thats the case of a few biblical characters already introduced in Season 1 of Netflix's series adaptation, such as Cain (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and Abel (Asim Chaudhry).

Even for mortal creatures, such as Matthew, who accepted to become a raven in the Dreaming and serve as Morpheus' messenger throughout all eternity, the realm may also function as a prison, trapping unfortunate creatures in an endless nightmare. For humans who choose to follow the Endless path, they may be locked away in a never-ending nightmare until their lives expire.

The Dreaming has a deep connection with the waking world itself. As The Sandman continues to demonstrate, dreams can transform the world, sometimes literally. In Season 1, the villain can use Morpheus Dreamstone to alter the world according to his will. Moreover, in the comic books, it is teased that many creatures could simultaneously alter everything that was previously altered to confirm the new reality.

The next time you close your eyes, remember to thank the King of Dreams for his tireless effort.

The Sandman is now available on Netflix. Check out the teaser for the series below: