Who Plays Who in the LGBTQ+ Slasher 'They/Them' Cast and Character Guide

Who Plays Who in the LGBTQ+ Slasher 'They/Them' Cast and Character Guide ...

They/Them, a slasher film by John Logan, may not be the scariest film in the history of scary films, but it makes up for in a solid cast and a compelling plot in the long run. In the recent years, Blumhouse Productions has produced impressive horror films such as Get Out, The Black Phone, and successful franchises like The Purge and Halloween, but they/them are John Logan's directorial debut.

They/Them is a violent LGBTQ+ horror film about LGBTQ+ teens who arrive at a youth conversion camp where they are promised freedom that eventually becomes elusive. As if that wasn't enough, a mysterious killer is on the run.

Kevin Bacon as Owen Whistler

Owen, the camp's head instructor, believes it is his job to ensure that the children are settled in and settled down. He assures them that the camp is a safe haven where they may spend time investigating their sexuality and coming to their conclusions. As things unravel, it becomes a lot clearer that he may not be as nice as he would like the kids to be.

Bacon, an accomplished actor, has won a Golden Globe Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards over a career spanning over four decades. He is well-known for his part as Walter in The Woodsman. Other film credits include Footloose, The Following, and Apollo 13.

Anna Chlumsky as Molly

Molly is the in-house therapist/nurse who is supposed to treat self-questioning teens and provide the necessary psychological support. As the story progresses, it becomes evident that she has her favorites. Like all counselors, Molly exudes a sense of mystery that leaves you wondering if she is the camp's murderer.

Anna Chlumsky has appeared in Blood Car, In the Loop, The End of the Tour, and Inventing Anna.

Carrie Preston as Cora

Cora is Owen Whistler's wife, a character who is constantly in sync with her husband and joins together with him to run this creepy little hideaway camp. Preston is well-known for her roles in The Good Wife, Claws, and True Blood.

Theo Germaine as Jordan

Jordan, a transgender non-binary teen who works at the camp, emerges as the leader of the group. They are the first to stand up to the camp instructors when things take a bad turn.

Theo Germaine is a non-binary actor who uses them/them in their roles. They participated in the LGBTQ community in the Netflix series The Politictician, before starring as Noah in the science fiction series 4400.

Quei Tann as Alexandra

Alexandra is one of the adolescents currently transitioning but decides to go after her parents threatened to kid her out of the house and disown her. There isn't much information about her character as a transgender actress, but she has appeared on Netflix's Dear White People as Genifer, Tyler Perry's Bruh as Officer Darla Grills, and as Peyton Osborn on ABC's hit series How to Get Away With Murder.

Anna Lore as Kim

Kim, another teen at the Camp, is a closeted lesbian. Her role is still hazy. Anna Lores has appeared in a number of programs, including Doom Patrol, Faking It, and All-American.

Darwin del Fabro as Gabriel

After much persuasion, Gabriel accepts the opportunity to participate in a variety of Brazilian musicals and television programs. His debut solo album Darwin Del Fabro in Rio was released in 2017. He has previously appeared in the period romantic drama Dangerous Liaisons and Novo Mundo.

Cooper Koch as Stu

Cooper Koch comes from a family of filmmakers, his grandfather Hawk Koch and his great-grandfather Howard W. Koch were both producers in a few films in the 1990s. He only has one previous appearance in Swallowed.

Austin Crute as Toby

Toby, a young gay man, agrees to go to the camp in exchange for a trip to New York, following his parents' final attempt at influencing his sexuality. He also played Wesley Fists in the post-apocalyptic Netflix series Daybreak.

Monique Kim as Veronica

Veronica is a bisexual woman who has become irritated with keeping her sexuality under wraps. Monique Kim is an actress, writer, and producer of Korean descent who has appeared in What/If and played Yu Shen in the dark romantic comedy Looks That Kill.