What Is the Marvel Comics Storyline in the Secret Invasion Explainer?

What Is the Marvel Comics Storyline in the Secret Invasion Explainer? ...

The upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion has a lot of exciting things for fans to anticipate in the next few years.

As the vast Skrull conspiracy is revealed, the series will explore a world of lies and conspiracies inspired by the popular comic storyline of the same name. The comic storyline was an eight-part limited series, but it had implications for other comics and characters in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Illuminati, composed of Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Professor X, and Doctor Strange, confront the Skrull Empire and warn them that future attempts at invading Earth would be costly. Veranke, though, decides to infiltrate Earth by pretending to be Spider-Woman (with the actual Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman kept captive).

The beauty of the Secret Invasion narrative was that it played out as a whodunit, with readers and the heroes themselves unsure about who they could trust. This finally came to a boil in a massive battle between the Supervillains led by Nick Fury at The Raft, a supermax prison for supervillains that was all released by Skrulls. The organization was eventually shuttered by the POTUS.

The Disney+ series is likely to differ greatly from the comic books both in terms of plot and scope. For starters, characters like Spider-Woman have yet to be introduced to the MCU (although there is a Sony Olivia Wilde movie on the way) and there is nothing to suggest that the series will be a star-studded affair with familiar Marvel heroes making cameos or being part of the Skrull action. Even War Machine has played second fiddle to Tony (Robert Downey Jr.)

With Talos being a good guy and the Kree being the malevolent oppressors in the film, Captain Marvel ceased to refer to all Skrulls as evil, thus it's unlikely that he will switch to the dark side in the series. Fury will essentially follow the comics superhero story of Secret Invasion.

During the chaos, Dupes of Invisible Woman, Jarvis, and Hank Pym were all in play, and while the Disney+ series looks unlikely to be very big in the scheme of things, it may open the door for an Avengers-level film later on in the future. However, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe could further explore the popular Secret Invasion storyline outside the series is still a mystery.

Kingsley Ben-Adir, Carmen Ejogo, Christopher McDonald, and Dermott Mulroney are all expected to join the MCU with undisclosed roles. MCU debuts should go well with Furys, especially since set photos and Samuel L. Jackson's remarks indicate that the series will focus on Maria Hill, a character that has been present since the first Avengers film but not yet addressed.

"You get to see the working relationship of Fury and Hill, like, what is that? What do they do when waiting for a clue to arrive, you know? What's the water cooler talk like?" says the woman who plays her in 2022 Comic Con.

The idea of finally exploring the Fury-Hill duo is a good idea considering how theyve been integral to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning. However, there's little indication as to whether the series will end its run in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or set the stage for further exploration in future seasons or upcoming films.