Who Wins the First Human vs. Predator Fight in the 'Prey' Ending?

Who Wins the First Human vs. Predator Fight in the 'Prey' Ending? ...

Prey spoilers may be included in the following sections.

Dan Trachtenberg's clever approach to the material and Amber Midthunder's superb performance have helped Prey breathe new life into the Predator franchise. It maintains the same brutality that's been hallmark of previous Predator films, as well as a protagonist who struggles to outwit the alien hunter in Midthunder's Naru. And, perhaps most importantly, Prey takes a different approach by basically serving as the story of the first Predator encountering humans this year.

Naru tries to join the comanche tribe's hunters in 1719, although only her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) is willing to teach her hunting techniques; the rest of the tribe believes that she would be better suited to medicine and cooking. The Predator begins to hunt, beginning by killing predators like snakes and wolves, before brutally slaughtering a bear, which Naru witnesses.

Naru manages to lure the Predator into a swamp and wounds it with its laser-sighted crossbow as she stole its mask. That mask also served as a warning system for the Predator's arrows.

Yet the credits hint that Naru and the rest of her clan are in for the epic battle of their lives. Paintings depict the scenes leading up to Naru's victory over the Predator. The final painting depicts further Predator ships descending from the skies, implying that the other Predators will seek vengeance for their lost brethren.

Naru's encounter with the fur trappers gives him the opportunity to defend herself. It's a clever move for Trachtenberg to keep the film's historical setting alive.

Prey is now available exclusively on Hulu.