President Michael Bloomberg is said to have almost given up on Batgirl's cancellation, and rumors are swirling about his long-term future

President Michael Bloomberg is said to have almost given up on Batgirl's cancellation, and rumors ar ...

What is happening at DC Films right now? The news from Warner Bros.' subdivision has been nothing short of wacky, from a planned Batgirl feature to a hint towards a 10-year DC universe that may or may not reflect what Kevin Feiuge helped to create at Marvel Studios. We've now learnt that one of his generals at DC Films wanted to jump ship and still might walk away.

Former Motion Picture Group Chair Toby Emmerich has stepped down as a more advisory role, opening the way for Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy to join Warner Bros.' current DC Films president Walter Hamada has threatened to resign his position following the Batgirl decision, according to THR. He reportedly has agreed to remain at the table until Black Adam is released on October 21.

He's paused. This decision hasn't been made yet.

Walter Hamada learned of David Zaslav's decision to postpone the Leslie Grace-led Batgirl during a test screening for Black Adam, and was concerned about the fact that he was not informed of the decision or the impact it might have on the film division, making this incredibly painful situation even more devastating.

What does this mean for the upcoming DC Films slate? Walter Hamada has agreed to stay in as a figurehead for the time being, but does not have much influence on the direction of DC Films, according to a source. This implies that the picture will likely become more hazy as the picture clears up.

The Muschiettis can assure DC fans that everything is going smoothly with their already postponed film, but star Ezra Miller is prone to controversial comments and some are wondering whether Michael Keaton's addition to Sasha Calles Supergirl will suffice to keep the film on track.

After this week, the dust is still moving, and the smoke continues to clear around DC Films. Where everything is heading, is a mystery that will be explored for months to come.