Fnatic defeats SK Gaming in their quest to the LEC Summer Split playoffs in 2022

Fnatic defeats SK Gaming in their quest to the LEC Summer Split playoffs in 2022 ...

Fnatic beat SK Gaming 3-0 today, stepping up to their expectations by executing an almost perfect game. The victory brings Fnatic closer to making the 2022 LEC Summer Split playoffs, which the organization has never missed in all 19 seasons that the team has played in the European league.

Fnatic said on Twitter that it was time to make changes, and they kept their word right from the game draft by picking Lulu and KogMaw for their bot lane duo. SK responded by matching the lane with another hypercarry plus enchanter with the feared combo of Yuumi and Sivir, but they had to focus on punishing their opponents in the early game to not be overwhelmed by Gilius' jungle plan in the late game.

Fnatic was able to go around the map faster than their counterpart on SK due to this pressure, which ultimately gave Fnatic the advantage during the first teamfight in front of the Herald pit. With the numbers on their side, Fnatic obtained the first blood and the first Herald, which they used a few moments later to increase their pressure in the bot lane by demolishing the first tower of the game.

Fnatics' first game was played in his hands: every move made on the map resulted in more advantages for Fnatic. SK was left looking for crumbs to feed on, and Fnatic was left looking for proactive attacks. Despite their positioning, Fnatic was still able to defeat SK with every neutral objective, including the first Baron and the fourth dragon.

ADVICED caster curse pic.twitter.com/u8uWdaLZrv

Fnatic had a 10,000 gold lead in under 20 minutes and was sitting at 10 kills to zero. SK would have needed to wait for a mistake from Fnatic to completely shut the game down. However, Fnatic easily won the game in less than 25 minutes.

Fnatic has proven that they can make the LEC Summer Split playoffs. However, tomorrow they will have to face G2 Esports, which might move away from the second stage of the split.