Is Cult of the Lamb coming to Game Pass?

Is Cult of the Lamb coming to Game Pass? ...

The hype for Cult of the Lamb is building fast and furious. Players are looking forward to building their cults and gaining as many followers as they can.

Many are also interested in seeing if Cult of the Lamb will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. There are currently no plans for Cult of the Lamb to be released on the service in the future. Players who want to get their hands on this oddly cute and somewhat disturbing roguelike game will have to pay $24.99 on the platform of their choice.

Those who are interested in the game may download the Steam demo ahead of launch day. The demo will give players an idea whether or not the $24.99 price tag is worth it to them. It may also be pre-ordered on Steam for those who will be keeping an eye on the clock and chomping at the bit to build their cult.

Cult of the Lamb will be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, and on the Nintendo Switch on August 11th. The game already has the most reaction from gamers. The closer the date comes, the more people are starting to talk about it.

Cult of the Lamb isn't available on Game Pass from the start, but it might nonetheless be offered at some point in the future. Because Devolver Digital has published other games such as Trek to Yomi, Deaths Door, and Gris on Game Pass, it's likely that the game will land on the platform someday in the future.