Does Guilty Gear Strive have cross-play?

Does Guilty Gear Strive have cross-play? ...

Players in Guilty Gear Strive have had a difficult time with the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Guilty Gear Strive was developed with cross-gen play for players with the same brand of consoles, so anyone with a PlayStation 4 could play with players who owned PlayStation 5s and the same for Xbox. The absence of cross-play is rather rare since most games released in the last few years have been released with cross-play. However, players always assumed that the game would eventually get an update that added the feature.

The developer has sent out several mixed messages, which are quite confusing if you haven't kept up with them all. This year, many players assumed that cross-play would begin soon as it was scheduled to be tested in the summer, but there is no word on when it will begin.

Does Guilty Gear Strive have cross-play?

Guilty Gear Strive does not have cross-play. The developer has made many promises that it will sometime, and has even begun work on a beta, but it is currently unavailable to players. There is still cross-gen, which allows players to play with anyone who owns the same console brand as them.

We wouldnt give up on cross-play for Epic Games' next release. Usually, the Epic Games servers of a game arent the same as the Steam servers, and if there is no cross-play for consoles, there is usually no cross-play for PC players.

Will Guilty Gear Strive eventually involve cross-play?

In May, Arc System Works, the developer of Guilty Gear Strive, tweeted that fans would receive further information on the game's future. Even with no information on cross-play, the company was still certain that it would include some new features in the summer as well as the cross-play test. It is still summer and the test hasnt yet been conducted. Season two of Guilty Gear Strive will be released on August 9, 2022.

So far as we know, the cross-play feature might arrive in Guilty Gear Strive very soon as a beta. Unfortunately, beta tests are usually very limited and only available to certain players for a period of time. Eventually, the beta period will finish, and players will most likely not be able to access it again until its ready.

Due to the time it takes to get a beta, we would not expect to be able to play Guilty Gear Strives cross-play until 2023.