Pokemon Go may even include a battle pass, here's what players are asking for

Pokemon Go may even include a battle pass, here's what players are asking for ...

PokeMiners has discovered a new item called the Battle Pass Ticket in Pokemon Go, and players are already speculating about what it implies and what might follow. Although quite a few players are against the idea, some are already throwing out their wish lists.

The item has caused some confusion within the Pokemon Go community since there is already something like a battle pass in the PvP section of the game. Go Battle League has seasons that change and there are different rewards for getting as far as you can in the competitive mode.

This item has no explanation behind it. It may be a complete battle pass that will include catch challenges, PokeStop spinning challenges, or walking challenges, or it might be a paid version of the currently free battle pass in the PvP mode of the game.

In response to the PokeMiner tweet that identified the datamined item, the obvious questions are already out there. Clothing, poses, and costumed versions of Pokemon are at the top of the suggestion list, while others are requesting a greater quantity of Stardust, Candy, and other items.

For those who will practically never experience Legend but still desire the items, they will create the season's clothing/pose/Pikachu Libre as rewards for this.

Although commonly used items are great and very useful, people seem to want more customization. A lot of the Pokemon Go outfits are mostly acquired through participation in paid events or purchased straight through the shop. The idea of earning the items through a paid battle pass sounds like an ideal solution, but it might be simpler to swallow.

If Niantic is smart, it will make the battle pass the same as any other game with a one-player structure, and allow players to earn enough coins to purchase the next battle pass once they have made an initial investment. Players are already dissatisfied with the company after it reduced Community Day hours and changed Weekly Boxes for the worse, so Niantic will need to ensure that the new battle pass is packed with many bonuses.