With a victory against Excel in the 2022 LEC Summer Split, Nilahs make their professional League debut

With a victory against Excel in the 2022 LEC Summer Split, Nilahs make their professional League deb ...

With how competitive the 2022 Summer Split has been over the previous six weeks, most League of Legends teams are aware of what is at risk, but it is the teams in the middle that are confronted with the most concern about how close the standings are.

G2 Esports and Excel entered their matchup today knowing that one team would exit their fifth-place tie and be forced to face the teams on the lower end of the standings. Despite an outstanding early game from Excel and the debut of a new champion, it was the reigning champions who won to push their way to playoff contention.

.@G2esports wins the final game of the day! #LEC pic.twitter.com/Xbk9QgTqL9

Nilah was accepted out of the draft stage and into the hands of Excels ADC Patrik, for the first time in a major or minor region, let alone the LEC. Players have been concerned about Nilah's passive, which gives her valuable experience while still ignoring her inherent weaknesses as a melee ADC.

Excel's early-game roaming rendered any gank potential from the reigning LEC champions almost useless. Any time a member of Excel moved around the map, a ward was created, allowing the team to keep an eye on Jankos' movements and plan their movements accordingly.

G2 could do very little but poke enemies that would burst them down in seconds, despite their own top lane turrets. Fortunately, Excel's overextension and missed abilities gave G2 some breathing room to deal with a dragon and Rift Herald. Excel's inability to deal with a sword was a factor in its failure.

Excel's absence of damage, coupled with G2s Infernal Soul, gave G2 the lead in the tie for fifth place.

Nilah's debut in the professional league seemed to dispel G2 in any way, even when accompanied by a team that was readily able to assist him in her assaulting her opponents. Patrik was unable to inflict any damage to the many bruisers and tanks of G2, completely depleting his health as soon as he entered fights. In the post-game interview, ADC Flakked said he believes Nilah can be a strong champion, but only in certain comp

G2 is moving forward in their quest to be top in both playoffs this year, although they have yet to qualify for the upcoming Summer Split playoffs. Excel will face Team BDS tomorrow, and they aim to maintain their sixth-place mark or higher heading into the final weekend of the 2022 Summer Split.