GTA Online's Best Cars

GTA Online's Best Cars ...

Grand Theft Auto Online offers a variety of ways to make money through less-than-legal means, as well as additional avenues to reclaim funds that have been previously denied. The first step in most players' journeyand a constant throughout their time in Los Santosis the search for the best cars GTA Online has to offer.

With a constant stream of new cars and garages large enough to store dozens of vehicles, GTA Online enthusiasts are bound to open up their iFruit as soon as each update drops just to see the new Legendary Motorsports, the game's exclusive car dealership.

Here are the top cars in GTA Online, whether you're looking for the quick, the furious, or the stylish.

The best cars in GTA Online, ranked

The Ignus would be a great choice if you could only acquire one car in GTA Online. And after purchasing it, odds are you won't want another one.

The Ignus has outstanding acceleration and superb control, making driving it a breeze even at high speeds. Bring the Ignus to Haos Special Works to upgrade its performance.

The Ignus has a slew of other customization options that will make you spend a lot of time in an auto shop. Between a primary color, the secondary shade that will color the accents all over the vehicle, and a few different livery options, there isnt a lot to tweak the car.

Don't judge a book by its cover and not by its exterior. Yes, they're closer to what you'll see on the streets of Los Santos, but that's what makes them so great in GTA Online. Thanks to their incredible braking, traction, and acceleration, these cars have some of the best stats. You'd probably chug a can of Sprunk soda along the way and there wouldn't be a drop to clean upwell, outside of the sweat coming in from

In GTA Online, there are a slew of cars to choose from, but the racing scene is dominated by two undisputed kings: the Progen Emerus and the Benefactor Krieger. Both cars outrank most of the competition, and players who are looking for the top spot should consider getting their hands on one.

The two cars behaved in the same manner, so the decision between them is a question of taste and the circuit you're running. The Kriegers acceleration and traction are unparalleled, which gives it an advantage in races with plenty of straight lines. But the Emerus has better brakes and gains a small advantage on steeper turns.

The Vagner is a proof of that adage. Despite being one of the cheapest supercars, it can slug head-to-head with some of the world's fastest vehicles.

The Thrax appears to be a remake of the Bugatti Divo, but it does not fall behind its real-life counterpart. It has good handling and brakes, but lacks the whiplash-inducing acceleration of the Krieger and the Emerus. The Thrax still outperforms most of the other supercars, though, making it a viable option for both racing and missions.

There's no reason to choose anything other than the Autarch, which offers incredible traction and brakes as well as excellent acceleration. This car is great for missions and races.

The Deveste Eight is a high-end sports car with the trunk of a futuristic prototype vehicle. Both cars have the best of both worlds, too. Its brakes are a bit weaker than other cars, but their traction makes it very easy to drive.

The Furia has it all, with a price tag to match. Designed by real-life Ferraris to create a mesmerizing, classy supercar, the Furia is an excellent choice if you want a fast car with the appearances like I just robbed the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Open-Wheel Cars

These cars are supers in everything except their name, but they are in a different league of their own, bundled under the Open-Wheel category. However, they are still a great option for players who want to beat Los Santos in races.

GTA Onlines attempt to bring Formula 1 to Los Santosand the results are overwhelmingly positive. Although some may not have as much top speed as several other supercars, their acceleration, braking, and handling are almost unmatched. The cherry on top is a Boost system that gives players a nitro by pressing the horn button when theyre not accelerating.

This isnt to say that these cars arent without disadvantages. Theyre significantly lighter than the rest of the cars and if you go down a steep slope, the car is more prone to twisting and losing control.