In 2022, here are the best Apex Legends LFG Discord servers

In 2022, here are the best Apex Legends LFG Discord servers ...

Playing solo in Apex Legends can be a dismal experience. Players of all abilities who join up with the random players matchmaking services often express their displeasure on social media, citing lower-ranked teammates, squad members who leave immediately after being down, and poor or abusive communication. It's enough to make anyone who doesn't have a ready-made team avoid the game.

LFG Discord servers are an excellent strategy to get started. You can chat with other players and discuss your Apex expectations before making a new acquaintance. Or you may even make a permanent teammate in the process.

Here are the top Apex LFG Discord servers.

Best Apex Legends LFG Discord servers

The official Apex Legends Discord server, which is managed by dedicated moderators and fans, is a great starting point when looking for a new group. There are several resources available for casual play, ranked, battle royale, and arenas, as well as a resource channel for you and your teammates., a web-based server that helps Apex players find new friends, has a Discord server. From there, you'll be able to see who's online right now, and there's also a section for gameplay clips, ALGS discussion, and scrimmage organization.

The Apex Legends LFG server is exactly what it sounds like, a community of players looking for new friends. It only has a few thousand members, but it has a wide range of chat channels for Apex-related discussion, including lore, esports, memes, and more. It also has specific channels for all platforms and voice channels organized by server region.

Apex Console is designed for console players. Whether you play on PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, you'll find console-friendly teammates in this 10,000-person server, which is also a Discord partner, meaning it's a great example of server management and receives server support from Discords developers.

Looking For Gamers isn't specifically designed for Apex, but it does have dedicated LFG text and voice channels for players looking to team up. It's also a Discord partner server, which helps provide its members a better experience while they're using it.