In League of Legends, Ludwig wants to reunite with Tyler1

In League of Legends, Ludwig wants to reunite with Tyler1 ...

Ludwig discussed his plans to League of Legends reunion with Tyler1 even though hell must reach level 30 first.

Ludwig joined Tyler1, Ninja, Doublelift, and Sapnap on Summoners Rift for a live showmatch against MrBeast and his team of Twitch streamers and League personalities a little under a month ago. Unfortunately for the YouTube streamer, Team Ninja quickly lost the event zero to two.

According to Tyler1, Ludwig was a major contributor to the defeat. The 27-year-old revealed that he is only level 18 in League of Legends, which he intends to change in the coming days.

My team looked like beginner bots. Ludwigs bum-headed, bitch-ass, bum-bitch, fuck-you-Ludwig ass playing support Im not flaming; im just saying, this absolute drone, bot. Bro, if you can't play the fucking role or the game, tell us, Tyler1 said.

Ludwig is determined to keep his distance from Tyler1 on the Rift, even though a month has gone since the event and Tyler1's rant. He revealed his intentions to reach level 30 in the most recent installment of The Yard podcast, which Ludwig hosts with his friends.

Ludwig said she has to play them to reach level 30, to get ranked games. I want to publish [ranked games] on stream, to do my promos, and to one day play with Tyler1.

Ludwigs other podcast hosts laughed off his idea, but the former Twitch star seems determined to reunite with his favorite content creator in League of Legends. He has a long way to go if he ever wishes to catch up with Tyler1, who currently sits in the Grandmaster rank on his main account.