FaZe, a reborn FaZe, falls in the HCS NA Super, but Oxygen grants him a reverse sweep

FaZe, a reborn FaZe, falls in the HCS NA Super, but Oxygen grants him a reverse sweep ...

On the first day of the HCS NA Super, FaZe Clans' new all-star Halo team encountered a roadblock in the form of Oxygen Esports. Despite standout performances from Renegade and Falcated nearly leading to a reverse sweep, Oxygen dominated a game five Slayer to close out the series 3-2 and put FaZe in a precarious position for the remainder of pool play.

We defeat @FaZeClan and are now 1-1 in our pool! #GOXG #FaZeDown pic.twitter.com/PWy7O36eOp

Renegade, an ex-Cloud9 player, and Spartan, an eUniteds player, the new FaZe lineup looked to be a force that would compete for the top spot in North America. However, as with any new lineup, the growing difficulties were evident on day one of the Super tournament against Oxygen.

As aggressive rotations from Oxygen caught FaZe off-guard, they controlled FaZe's momentum and game pace, causing him to lose his lead until the end. Spartan, in particular, held only nine kills to his name against 19 deaths as he struggled to create openings for FaZe.

FaZe's pedigree showed up in game three's King of the Hill match, despite their struggles. 31 kills and a 16 KDA from Renegade forced a game five, despite Oxygens Triton topping the lobby with 36 kills and a 17.3 KDA.

@TritoN_JB gives us a 17.3 KDA, but it's not enough for @FaZeClan to take it to GAME 5! https://t.co/S9nxM1Qnaw pic.twitter.com/TmAOjB7cLv

FaZe's hopes of a comeback in Game five from Oxygen were blown away by a strong performance, finishing the game with a 16-7 K/D. The result is a significant shift to the pecking order of Pool B, and FaZe will need to go deep in its next match against Cloud9.

Fans were hoping to see such a promising roster of players put on a show this weekend for their official debut, but Spartan said that FaZe would have a long way to go before they reach the levels that all four players believe they are capable of.

Following criticism of the teams initial performances in practice and online tournaments, he said the teams would not be able to have instant success or be gods right off the bat. He went on to reiterate his belief that the teams will be able to perform well, despite still having to work some kinks out and strengthen their chemistry.

FaZe Halo will need to complete a lot of work to build his chemistry, as they prepare for a long run in the NA Super this weekend and the Orlando Major.