Love, Money, and RocknRoll are all songs

Love, Money, and RocknRoll are all songs ...

Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll is a visual novel that evokes the nostalgia of the 1980s. There are 14 different endings that players may achieve in the game. But what makes it truly immersive are the music loops in the background. These catchy songs are bound to enthuse players.

Every soundtrack in Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll

Soviet Games has released an official blog that players may find on the game's Steam page. Arseny, St Bobstor, Red Mountain, Tokyo Rider, Paul Kreminski, and Direct Sunlight are among the artists who contributed to the original soundtracks.

Sakura Blossom4:11
Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll3:12
Hurt Me4:50
Echo Avenue4:32
Fractal Alley4:21
Running Wild3:17
Heart-eater Strikes Again3:08
Don't Care About It3:04
Sweet Pancakes With Strawberry Jam3:05
Let's Go Further4:14
One Day In The Limelight4:26
The Spirit of Revival4:07
I'm So Glad We've Met4:11
Sunset Horizons4:45
Nowhere Station3:23
Strange Apparition4:02
Let's Go!3:33
Arcade Night4:17
Fast Lane To Love4:22
Insomnia Drive3:07
You Need a Bit of Fresh Air4:40
The Heist4:55
Last Man Standing4:06
Thoughts And Time3:44
While City Sleeps4:23
Hear The Wind3:58
Last Night4:50
Rockin' Around Here4:52
Golden Autumn2:35
Vanilla Sky With Bitter Tears4:03
Two Hearts in Turbulent Times5:19
Red Miata3:53
Free Me3:12
Mistery Of Loneliness3:21
Sudden Trip2:14
Ellie's Popurri1:36
Peaceful Dream4:21
I Will Believe In You4:26
DDD Take Two3:52
Arctic Lakes In Your Pure Eyes4:55
I Know You Know2:57
Everlasting Reference2:15
Clarity of Purpose4:39
The Finest Hour3:13
We Own The Night5:04
You Know, This Is The End3:16
What Happens After4:48
In This Very Moment3:30
Enter Omegashima3:25
Lonely Train To Odaiba4:34
Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll2:26
To Die Or Not To Die2:11
Ultraviolet Stream3:50
Mirai Minato3:14
Not Too Late3:38
DDD Take Three5:01
Neon Skyscrapers4:07
The Door to Nowhere4:29
Take a Deep Breath4:26
Machi no Iruminashon4:02
Glitches on the Other Side of the Rainbow4:00
Not Over Yet3:43
Empty Streets3:29
The Wind Is Electric Tonight3:07
Chiba Overdrive3:30
A Painful Story2:07
Perfect Blue4:23
Green and Orange4:45
Driving Through The Night4:31
Quaalude Interlude1:27
Satellite Dishes3:35
Misty Dream3:48
Lipstick Hurricane3:10

The in-game Music menu includes all of the songs. All decisions you make in-game will affect the characters around you. Players will be able to complete various achievements by making different choices. Make sure to pay attention to all the dialogues before making important decisions in Love, Money, and Rock'n'Roll.

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