Reborn Codes from the University of Arkansas (August 2022)

Reborn Codes from the University of Arkansas (August 2022) ...

In this team-focused fighting game, you must master abilities and use them to eliminate the enemy team before they do the same to you. AU: Reborn combines some of the most famous or powerful characters from popular animes and allows you to play as them to defeat your opponent in an intense matchup with other powerful characters.

Due to the game's nature, players will be on the lookout for the most efficient and fastest ways to earn Cash or Tokens in AU: Reborn! With our codes list below, you may claim any resource you can help you on your journey to purchase your next character!

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All Roblox AU: Reborn Codes List

Updated August 5, 2022

New codes have been added.

Here's a look at all of the functioning AU: Reborncodes.

  • !code 10klikesRedeem for a Token (New)

These AU:Reborn codes are no longer effective.

  • !code 5klikes

Roblox AU: Reborn Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about AU:Reborn and common issues players encounter.

How to Redeem AU: Reborn Codes

In AU: Reborn, redeeming free rewards is quite simple.

What are tokens and how do I use them in AU: Reborn?

Tokens are one of the many rewards that are sometimes given out for codes listed above. At the moment, they are only used to purchase new characters. Over time, more characters will be added to the game that players may purchase with these special tokens, so it's best to get them all when they're announced!

Simply tap the Shop icon in the bottom-left corner and navigate to the Skins tab. Select a character you can buy with Tokens (such as Raiden) and click the Buy button.

Why aren't my AU: Reborn codes working?

Because the game does not notify the player whether or not the code they entered was successful, many players believe the code they entered failed. Be sure to check your Cash balance and Token balance if any changes were made.

The most probable reason for an incorrect entry is that the code was copied and pasted directly from our page into the game, rather than typing it manually.

What is AU: Reborn?

AU: Reborn is a combat-based battle and tournament game that draws on dozens of different anime series and allows you to play as their best characters in one of the many game modes to earn cash!

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