Roblox anime games at their finest (August 2022)

Roblox anime games at their finest (August 2022) ...

Roblox is known for its ability to connect players with similar interests on a platform where they can have fun and express themselves. There are a large amount of anime fighting games, RPGs, and battle royales on the platform, with plenty of anime fans to enjoy them.

All Star Tower Defense

Since its release in 2020, All Star Tower Defense has been the focus of anime games on Roblox and will likely remain the same for many years to come. ASTD allows players to unlock nearly 100 anime characters and villains from dozens of different anime series, mangas, and movies to defend their turf.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a well-known anime game thanks to its impressive visit count and average player rating. At any point in the day, it will average at least 100,000 active players. Other fan favorites include Attack on Titan and Bleach with their combat styles, maps, and characters.

Shindo Life

Shindo Life is a Naruto-inspired RPG that takes place in a Naruto-inspired world while still digestible for those who aren't. Since its release in 2020, Shindo has proved to be a solid choice.

Anime Fighting Simulator

AFS at the base level is a fully fleshed out anime fighting game that includes all of the playable anime characters that you could imagine, but it also includes a detailed story mode that includes numerous quests and dungeons for players to complete, so you'll never have to worry about finding someone to throw hands with or beams of energy with.

Anime Dimensions Simulator

Anime Dimensions Simulator (ADS) is the game for you. This game allows players to explore different dimensions, or maps, inspired by various animes, while also having fun.

Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a game that is a lot like GTA Online in many ways. GPO is, at its core, a massive sandbox that allows players to explore an unbelievable vast and expansive map completely reimagined of its main inspiration, the long-running anime, One Piece. GPO is also unparalleled in its story-telling in the sense that you care about the quests you're doing and feel accomplishment as you go throughout the narrative.

Project Star

Pro Game Guides has covered so much of Project Star recently, and this is because it's an insanely popular and well-made game! Stands, combat styles, characters, and more are all included in Project Star, which may not be the best game for experienced gamers at times!

A Universal Time

AUT is a variation on Project Star, drawing on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but then taking it further by integrating even more anime fandoms into their game. Both games have a large map, Stands and Stand arrows, various unique quests, and more. Where they differ is in the average player rating and number of active players AUT is at a 92% player rating but only five thousand players

Anime Artifacts Simulator

AAS is a sword-fighting simulation game that challenges players to excel at and become the most powerful swordsperson they can be. Fight against NPCs created from and based on a multitude of different anime worlds, purchase new and improved swords, travel to new worlds, and repeat.

Heroes Online

Looking for a game that's heavily influenced by My Hero Academia? This one has got you covered! Heroes Online is no longer the most popular game on Roblox, but it remains one of the greatest.

Please tell us what your favorite anime games are now that you've read our list, or if you agree with our suggestions!