How to Anime Warriors Evolve

How to Anime Warriors Evolve ...

Anime Warriors is one of the new character-based combat games on the Roblox Platform. Like most hero combat games on the platform, you may modify some basic units in the game into much more powerful evolved characters.

What are the Anime Warriors' abilities to transform?

Not every hero in Anime Warriors can evolve into a much more evolved form. As of now, you may transform the following characters in Anime Warriors.

  • Evolved Form:Blazing Heart Rengu
  • Fodder Units For Evolution: x1 Akazo, x6 Demon(Green), x6 Demon(Red), x4 Demon Brute, x2 Inosukee, x2 Tanjiru
  • Evolution Fee: 15,000 Yen
  • Evolved Form: Zoro(Wano)
  • Fodder Units For Evolution: x2 Crocodile, x3 Bugye, x4 Marine Shooters, x4 Marine Swordsman, x3 Yellow Bandits, x3 Light Brown Bandits
  • Evolution Fee: 12,500 Yen
  • Evolved Form: Sasuke
  • Fodder Units For Evolution: x2 Kabuto, x1 Kid Saku, x4 Mist Ninja, x4 Sand Ninja, x2 Snake Man, x1 Naruto
  • Evolution Fee: 12,500 Yen

More units may be added by the developers in future updates.

How to Evolve in Anime Warriors

Follow the following steps once you have one of the above characters in the inventory.

  • Open your inventory, and select the character you want to evolve.
  • Click on the Evolve button adjacent to the hero.
  • A new window will show whether you have all the necessary fodder units for transformation or not.
  • If you have all the fodder heroes, pay the required fee for evolution in Yen.
  • After paying, your character will evolve immediately and be available to use in your inventory.

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