14 Games Like Destiny 2

14 Games Like Destiny 2 ...

Destiny 2 is a game that allows you to go to space. There are no mathematical limitations or prerequisites to play it; instead, you must load it up and go to space. The game is a treasure trove of exploration and rich history, inviting you to browse its pages. Join us as we list 14 games like Destiny 2.

14 games like Destiny 2

Outer Wilds is a personal exploration game in which you explore planets and look for missing travelers. Numerous hidden treasures hide in the planets' destroyed structures, revealing a forgotten, forgotten history. In this game, you must operate your own spaceship, maneuvering it with care and landing on planets manually. The planetary landscapes in Destiny 2 are both frightening and comforting.

Death Stranding is a stunning game that includes incredible levels of environment design. Every landscape in Death Stranding is carved into the world so naturally, similar to the world of Destiny 2. The game's music pairs with its locales perfectly, creating an atmosphere of isolation. If you're looking for a game that leaves you breathless, a game with landscapes like Destiny's The Black Garden and Dreaming City, look no further.

The Master Chief Collection includes all previous Halo games, including interdimensional fights, a killer soundtrack, and a ton of space. The Halo games are similar to Destiny 2, due to their gameplay and setting in the stars. This game is an excellent option for those who are recovering from space sickness.

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike looter shooter game that can be played with your friends. The game has a striking color palette and is extremely challenging, with bosses that appear invincible on first glance and tough stakes that are unforgiving. However, with the assistance of your fellow astronauts, you can eliminate the hazards of space and celebrate with your friends on an alien planet.

Warframe is the most Destiny-like game on this list. Although it is a third-person game, it has the same sleek space technology as Destiny 2. Players can also inflict elemental damage with their weapons, which can be min-maxed to your heart's desire.

No Man's Sky had a tumultuous release, but the creators have worked tirelessly to create a compelling game experience ever since. This game includes procedurally generated planets, making every encounter into the great unknown feel unique. This game also supports cooperative play, making it a great game to scratch your Destiny 2.

Elden Ring is a massive open world game that includes massive bosses. The gameplay is crisp and responsive, similar to Destiny 2's gunplay. The game also includes co-op gameplay, so you and your friends may kill bosses together.

Borderlands 2 is a classic looter shooter with a bold and brash style. The game allows players to wield thousands of weapons, all with their own mechanical flair, similar to Destiny 2. If you like collecting guns and looking cool while doing it, Borderlands 2 is the game for you.

The inclusion of futuristic cyborgs who try to understand what defines a human is right up Destiny's alley, as well as the game's landscapes, which are spectacular.

Detroit: Become Human is a game that focuses on androids' ability to determine whether or not they are alive. Three primary androids are followed by their journey to freedom in this game, and you must be vigilant to avoid disaster. The game's futuristic setting and excellent music make Detroit: Become Human a great choice for Destiny enthusiasts.

The primary difference between Final Fantasy XIV Online and Destiny 2 is its raids and dungeons. These features provide players with an engaging multiplayer experience, which includes boss-killing and teamwork. The game also includes a free trial, which lasts until your character reaches level 60, making it a commitment-free option.

Spore may seem like an odd suggestion, but the game has a fascinating space stage. In this stage, you trade spices with other planets, killing enemies and making friends where appropriate. Your character is entirely customizable and can be outfitted with clothes of your choice.

Astroneer is a fun exploration game where you and your friends can build bases and relax together. The game's art style is beautiful, with vibrant colors and geometric topography. Astroneer is great for a quiet game night, where you and your friends can take a break from the everyday grind and become astronauts.

The Outer Worlds is a role-playing game where choices matter. You can choose a character who can be anything from a chaotic agent of destruction to a diplomatic peacemaker, or anything in between. The combination of futuristic technology and space colony gameplay makes The Outer Worlds a preferable game for Destiny 2.