Who are the Apex Legends voice actors?

Who are the Apex Legends voice actors? ...

Apex Legends is a great game, so it's no wonder players want to explore the game's history, developers, or even the cast. There's a real voice that went into the character creation process. Here they are.

Apex Legends Voice Cast

Since we know how vital voice actors are to the creation of video games, we think it's important to take a look at the main voice cast in Apex Legends: The Legends: The Gathering. Here's a breakdown of all of the main voice cast involved in the game.

Voice Actor PhotoCharacterVoice Actor Name
AshAnna Campbell
BangaloreErica Luttrell
BloodhoundAllegra Clark
CausticJB Blanc
CryptoJohnny Young
FuseBen Prendergast
GibraltarBranscombe Richmond
HorizonElle Newlands
LifelineMela Lee
LobaFryda Wolff
Mad MaggieNicola Kawana
MirageRoger Craig Smith
NarratorZehra Fazal
NewcastleGabe Kunda
OctaneNicolas Roye
PathfinderChris Edgerly
RampartAnjali Bhimani
RevenantDarin De Paul
SeerIke Amadi
WattsonJustine Huxley
WraithShantel VanSanten
ValkyrieErika Ishii

Apex Legends Voice Actor: What Steps Do You Take?

Apex Legends requires a resume and relevant experience as the first requirement. More importantly, as stated by an EA Community Manager, you'll have your best odds of being hired if you have a solid portfolio and demo reel for your voice acting. From there, you'll want to keep an eye on casting calls and job listings.

Make sure to check in on the Electronic Arts' Careers page, within the Respawn Studios section, for current employment listings. You can also filter jobs by Audio to see relevant listings on EA's Apex Legends Compete page.

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