Every Poison Swamp in the Souls games, ranked from worst to worst

Every Poison Swamp in the Souls games, ranked from worst to worst ...

Poison swamps are a popular genre in games like Soulsborne, and while they arent all created equally horrifying, they are not fun places to be, no matter what game theyre in. The degree of their agony depends on how great the game is, the severity of the poison they use, and the overall mood of the area as a whole.

12.Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Ashina Depths

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was a completely different interpretation of the Souls formula, in that it paid it the slightest lipservice. There were bonfire equivalents, but no RPG elements, no character customization, and extremely simple combat. There were also very few poison swamps, and while the Ashina Depths technically qualify, your grappling abilities make the areas small.

11.Bloodborne: Nightmare Frontier

Bloodborne is, although not the greatest game in the Soulsborne franchise, is lacking in deadly poison swamps. The only one of its kind in Bloodborne is the Amygdala boss, which is also a limitation.

10.Elden Ring: Shaded Castle and Surroundings

The Shaded Castle, a ruined keep surrounded by a poison swamp, is a good example of Miyazaki's ability to ride Torrent up the castle's walls and avoid the majority of the swamp, and half the level is well above the ground, keeping you safe there.

9.Dark Souls 3: Farron Keep


Farron Keep takes its place above the Shaded Castle because almost the whole area can poison you, but more importantly, half of the swamp is thigh-deep water, forcing you to either slow-walk or use the Quickstep Weapon Art to get around. The poison damage itself, even at low levels, wasn't much to complain about, but the crazy fast enemies that can kill you just as fast are a real concern.

8.Dark Souls 3: Consumed Kings Garden

Lothric Castle is just beyond the Castles entrance, and the Consumed Kings Garden is to the left of it, a fetid swamp that you will be battling not with poison, but with Toxic status. Even at higher levels, youll be battling constantly to stay alive, and by the time you reach the area boss, youll have nothing left.

7.Elden Ring: Swamp of Aeonia

The Elden Ring is made of a lot of smaller swamps, while the other two are much more severe. Scalet Rot is one of the first big encounters with Scalet Rot, which puts the old Toxic affliction to the test. The only reason this area isnt higher on the list is because you can ride Torrent through most of it.

6.Dark Souls 2: Earthen Peak

Earthen Peak, which is one of two deadly areas in Dark Souls 2, isn't much more a poison swamp than a poison castle. Many of the rooms are covered in ankle-deep green sludge that will quickly apply the status in any other Soulsborne title, being closer to Scarlet Rot or Toxic than Poison. Even the boss arena is crowded with muck, and the only way to put the windmill on fire is to climb on the ledge near the blades.

Elden Ring: Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree 5.

Scarlet Rot has different degrees of severity, with the Swamp of Aeonia and weapons like the Antspur Rapier only causing a small amount of damage over time. The swamp in Elphael, as an optional endgame area, will slow you to a slow walk if you dont use one of the many movement abilities available elsewhere in the Lands Between.

4.Dark Souls 2: The Black Gulch

The green-lit Hell Holch in Dark Souls 2's world is a swamp in which you will be poisoned once more. Worse, the poison-throwing statues can strike you in the head, opening your path to further poison.

3.Elden Ring: The Lake of Rot

The Lake of Rot, which is located deep below Liurnia of the Lakes, is the worst swamp in Elden Ring. It is responsible for the highest-caliber rot, taking a good 3-4% of your health with every tick, and all of it is rot swamp. There is no way to cross without being afflicted, and if you want to complete the Rannis questline, you must.

2.Demons Souls: 5-2, the Swamp of Sorrow

The Swamp of Sorrow, Japan's first poison swamp, is well-known for not only its size, but its fact that none of the enemies are affected by it. Demons Souls is virtually non-movement tech, making crossing the Swamp a chore no matter what. Lastly, there are no safety bonfires, only a well-hidden and out-of-the-way shortcut, so no first-time player encounters this place and enjoys it.

1.Dark Souls: Blighttown

Blighttown is the worst swamp in Soulsborne, and its only when you have the Master Key starting item that you will be faced with a dangerous journey down and a swamp to cross. Perhaps most annoying of all, if you grab any of the bonfires in Blighttown, you'll be trapped in a cycle of death.