Is Pokemon Go getting a Battle Pass?

Is Pokemon Go getting a Battle Pass? ...

Since the first mobile games were released in 2016, Niantic has been shifting the direction of Pokemon Go, including additional features such as PvP, Team Rocket, and more ways for a player to explore their community. In addition, theres been a lot of speculation if Pokemon Go would have a Battle Pass?

Will a Battle Pass come to Pokemon Go?

Niantic has not released any information on the game receiving a Battle Pass, or what this structure might be like in order to benefit its player base and expand the product. However, Pokeminers, the datamining team that is entirely focused on studying the mobile's backend, have revealed that they discovered a Battle Pass Ticket in their 0.245.0 update, which was released on the Google Play Store late on August 3.

A new item, the 'Battle Pass Ticket,' has been added!

We are not aware of anything about what this might be like if it was ever brought to the actual game and offered for players to purchase. This is the PokeMiners team's data mining, so they will not be able to reveal anything about how this works directly, although it does indicate Niantic may add this in the future. This might happen at the start of the next season, on September 1, or it might be added closer to the beginning of 2023.

The way the battle pass will work is anyone's guess. It might be different from the one that runs in the Pokemon Go Battle League. Here, players have to win battles against other trainers to progress up the ranks. However, in that system, you may go down the rankings, which is quite different from a traditional battle pass youd expect in Fortnite, where you earn a reward every level up.

The battle pass may be limited to items that are required to complete various daily tasks in the game, such as catching Pokemon, walking a certain distance, or accomplishing specific tasks. Many fans are eager to hear what the team has to say, especially as there have been no recent press releases or updates from the developers themselves.

For the time being, we are unconcerned whether or not Niantic will do anything with this. We suspect that because it was pushed in a recent update, we were leaning toward a yes, but we can't say for sure until we get a formal confirmation from the team. The Battle Pass ticket will have a similar appearance to the Raid Pass and Remote Raid Pass.

The addition of Vivillon, a Ticket Gift Notification, five new Pikachu outfits, and the fast move Water Shuriken and charged move Meteor Beam were also included in the PokeMiners 0.245.0 breakdown.

Check out all of the new Assets for 245, including Vivillon's regions maps (that were marked for deletion, whoopsie), the battle pass, water shuriken assets, and more!