Fortnite's top ten green-colored skins

Fortnite's top ten green-colored skins ...

If there was ever a debate about the best green skin to have in Fortnite, it would have to be none other than green, since it has a variety of advantages. Green skins blend in quite nicely and are often overlooked by opponents. There are also several video game characters who are inspired by these colors.


Backlash is a must-have skin for gamers who want a great looking cosmetic that's got many in-game benefits. Its strong green spandex is notoriously difficult to spot when she's in tall grass, and her thin frame ensures that enemies will always have trouble landing shots into her. Best of all, almost every inch of Backlash is customizable and recolored to your liking, making it possible to have a full-body suit that includes no other color than your favorite.


Blanka is a powerful crossover skin that has two sharp fangs. He makes his debut in the Street Fighter series and now sells himself at the Item Shop on average every 30 days for 1,600 V-Bucks.


Cammy is a street fighter crossover skin that comes with two different outfits. The default outfit is a lime green combat outfit that is joined by her iconic red beret and gloves. Both skins have a built-in Emote that allows players to perform her Cannon Spike move at any time.

Clover Team Leader

Clover Team Leader is a spin-off of the Battle Royales Cuddle Team Leader NPC on St. Patricks Day. However, instead of a pink bear, Clover takes the shape of a green dog costume that has rips and tears throughout. The only disadvantage is that the cosmetic does not come with any additional accessories, thus expect to lose only 800 V-Bucks.

Ghoul Trooper

Ghoul Trooper is an Epic-rarity skin that zombifies the default Ramirez skin. Skin owners may alter the colour of the troopers' bodies to suit the alternative Zombie style. She also has her own bear Brained Back Bling, a stuffed animal that hides under the skin.

Lt. Evergreen

Lt. Evergreen is considered to be one of Fortnite's best Christmas-themed skins to date. Jonesy The First is dressed in a festive Ghillie outfit decorated with ornaments and colorful lights. The skin also has a built-in Light Up Emote, making Lt. Evergreen a natural.

Master Chief

Master Chief is unquestionably one of the best crossover skins to come to the Battle Royale, with him emulating his iconic green Spartan armor. However, those who own the Xbox mascot may complete one hidden challenge to unlock his additional Matte Black style. It is known to be available for at least two full months each year during 2022, so expect Master Chief to return sometime this year.

Poison Ivy

The closest players to having an all-green skin other than Backlash is by owning the gorgeous Poison Ivy skin. Everything that the supervillain wears is made up of leaves and vines, making her unrecognizable when camping near bushes or tree branches. The skin belongs to the The Last Laugh bundle, a special edition of Fortnite that can only be purchased from most major online retailers.


The first skin for Jonesy The First has been used in countless skins, but the cutest is certainly Rex. The Legendary cosmetic features the protagonist in an army green dinosaur outfit with a T-Rex mask that is difficult not to fall in love with. Players may use the free Scaly Back Bling to give Rex more spikes and a short tail on average every 51 days.


The rare-rarity Snowbell skin makes for an excellent substitute. Snowbell dresses in an elf outfit that consists of a green dress and a pointy cap. It is incredibly easy to spot from any distance because Snowbell bears bright gold leggings and gold designs throughout her dress. Every December, buyers should expect to see Snowbell available for 1,200 V-Bucks.