Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Nomination chatter (day 31)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Nomination chatter (day 31) ...

In theBig Brother 24house, the nomination ceremony will take place today, but things are starting to happen!

Lets start off with this: Monte, Joseph, and Terrancewill be on the block later tonight. Michael has had discussions with most of the other players, and he seems to have decided this would be his move for the week. The issue here is mainly because of what he will do after the fact with the Veto and a whole lot more.

The idea for this week is to nominate Daniel and get him out of the house; however, Michael is a smart guy who is considering several other possibilities. If Daniel stays, he might be more indebted to Michael and give him a wildcard number in case of a victory. Kyle and Michael are both known to be overly afraid of going on the block this week.

Michael told Daniel that other people want him out of the game more thanhewates him out of the game, so choose that as you will. Turner and Jasmine go up and Jasmine likely leaves, although Taylor seems okay with going up again in this scenario.

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